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Water for drinking & farming

RHE is inventor of solar water pumps technology in year 2003. Supported drilling depth is up to 500m. Daily waterflow is up to 5000 CBM. Technology is on the fly with sun

Solar Inverters

RHE´s single and three phases MPPT solar inverters have efficiency of 45% higher than all existing. Power range is from 300W up to 100kW. A new solar inverters are for power range up to 6kw

solar farms

We produce solar farms for Agriculture and Photovoltaic electricity generators. Daily running hours is over than 8. We cam supply complete solar installations for far up to 100 hectares

Solar microwave ovens

Solar ovens shall cancell your electricity bills when cooking. Autonomy is over than 10 h per day. Please stop using wood for cooking. Then you shall save our Planet.

RHE´s the most efficient solar solutions

contact us now ! Your projects are very important and we should save our planet. Our solar solutions are 100 % European goods. It is tested before shipment to your sites. Please let us know about your expectations ?

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  • Photovoltaic goods for projects:
    May 18, 2022 Comments Off on Photovoltaic goods for projects: The requests for sizing goods for photovoltaic projects: Goods for photovoltaic projects: We understand the motivation of people who are thinking to build profitable projects just only when making assemblies of some existing goods. Unfortunately big confusions are numerous. When people are building lighting projects with batteries, they should consider that it is for low

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  • Gen5 topologies
    May 8, 2022 Comments Off on Gen5 topologies Gen5 topologies for reducing installation land: Why Gen5 topologies? Today the yield of the photovoltaic panels is at most 150W/m2. Therefore, for several megawatts you shall request a huge of land surface for installation. While the land is requested for feeding the growing population. Why fleeing the real problem by going to make installations over

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  • Photovoltaic panels misunderstandings:
    May 7, 2022 Comments Off on Photovoltaic panels misunderstandings: photovoltaic panels False claimed features of photovoltaic panels: The false photovoltaic panels features :We wonder why we are seeing very often false features over photovoltaic panels. We wonder why some are considering false technical features for justifying the best choice. Some seem to start from dumping prices, then they promote false technical features. Over all,

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