Find quickly your solar solution

Water for drinking & farming

RHE is inventor of solar water pumps technology in year 2003. Supported drilling depth is up to 500m. Daily waterflow is up to 5000 CBM.

Solar Inverters

RHE´s single and three phases MPPT solar inverters have efficiency of 45% higher than all existing. Power range is from 300W up to 100kW

solar farms

We produce solar farms for Agriculture and Photovoltaic electricity generators. Daily running hours is over than 8

Solar microwave ovens

Solar ovens shall cancell your electricity bills when cooking. Please stop using wood for cooking. Then you shall save our Planet.

RHE´s Best solar solutions

contact us now ! Your projects are very important and we should save our planet. Solar solutions are 100 % European goods. It is tested before shipment to your sites. Please let us know about your expectations !
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