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We designed the first solar water pump in three phases 230V & 380V in year 2003. Today we produce wide range of solar water pumps supporting drillings depths up to 500 meters and daily waterflow is up to 5000 m3.


In 2003 most of offered solutions were in DC low volatge. Voltages were lower or equal to 100 V. From starting we considered that low voltage DC pumps are not an issue for agriculture. Because even before solar farmers were using professionnal three phases AC submersible pumps. In other hand we can easily understand that DC submersible pumps are very limited in depth of drilling. Then from 2003 up to now customers have paid for many experimentations. From 2016 some suppliers are trying to recover the lost time by using three phases AC motors drives. But for us motors drives are not the right technolgy for solar use. Because it is built for electricity grid and most of suppliers of motors drives do not recommend to use it in solar. Because in 2000 we produced our own motor drives. Then we know perfectly the limitations

Types of offered solar pumps:

We produce three famillies of solar water pumps. Smart pumps, Laura pumps and Tigger pumps. RHE designed low cost Smart pumps for drilling up to 100 meter. Daily waterflow is up to 60 m3. Laura water pumps support drilling depth up to 500 meters. Daily waterflow is up to 500m3. Tigger water pumps have the same characteristics than Laura water pumps. Laura water pumps support 600V pack of batteries while the Tigger water pumps can be powered by electricity grid or Pack of batteries. This diference is for night pumping.

Sizing your solar pumps:

Your drillings are not electric motors. Power is only reserved for Standard electric motors in the industry in multiple 1/4 of HP. Asynchronous motors for industry are quite different from tubular motors of submersible pumps. Tubular motors have bigger windings resistances. Therefore inrush current do not exist like in induction motors for industry. Therefore for sizing your solar pumps we request only your daily water needs, the dynamic water level depth and the topology of your sites. We give guarantee for daily waterflow.

Form to fill for sizing your solar water pumps:

Evaluation form for solar water pumps
Evaluation form for solar water pumps

Several forms to fill are available.

Your Projects:

Your projects are very important. Please give them the right technology. Save your projects and the Planet by the way. Think RHE!

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