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Solar technology.

Who are we?

For manufacturing our solar solutions we use our Solar technology that we started to design in year 2000 in France. Then we moved to Spain in year 2010. Since that time we made several improuvements. The complete Brand is shown on this web site. Solar technology is embedded in all our solar solutions.

Solar technology
Solar technology

Basic features of our solar Technology:

For us photovoltaic is new disciple which requires its technology. But not the one of electricity. Because solar panels are very different from electricity grid. While Energy available on grids is constant, it is continiously changing on solar field. It is changing from Sunrise until Sunset. It is depending on site and changing with seasons also. Therefore equipments sized for electricity grids shall not work properly. For instance fuses shall not work because short circuit current on solar field is a little bit bigger than nominal current. When wiring motor drives to solar fields you have compatibility problems. Because motor drives are with a single set of three triphase AC input. while solar fields produce DC voltage in two wires. Then you cannot wire one or several strings to motors drives properly

Photovoltaic inverters
DC input in two wires to photovoltaic inverter

We took in consideration all specific features of solar panels. For this reason we power our invertres directly in DC two wires. RHE´s Tigger inverters accept up to 30 strings of 6 kW each without any external box. It is valid for installations tied to grid, for isolated sites and for water pumping solutions.

Dynamic features of Solar technology:

The dynamic response of solar panels is very different from Electricity grid. One is full of Energy for starting your inverters. The other can be very limited and you cannot start your inverter early. If you wire motor drives with efficiency of 80% then they shall not start until the Energy available is bigger than 20%. If your inverter has power of 10kW. Then you shall not start until the Energy available on solar field is bigger than 2 kW. In case of solar water pumps your solutions shall start at 30Hz up to 40Hz. 30HZ over 50Hz is big gap. The result is that your installation shall start very late and shall stop very early. When you have clouds passing over your solar panels you shall kill your motor drives. It is a pity because returns are proportional to running hours per day.

For solving these problem we designed Solar Technology which can face. Our products are running at least 8 hours per day and evry day! Even when you have clouds moving it shall not stall!

Efficiency of photovoltaic stations
Checking efficiency of solutions

Performances of Solar technology:

The last and most important feature is the dynamic efficiency. Today we offer Solar technology with 45% higher efficiency than all existing.

high efficiency photovoltaic technology
High efficiency photovoltaic technology

For any question about our solar technology, please let us know!

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