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solar electricity generators
solar electricity generators
solar electricity generators
solar electricity generator

We produce complete solar electricity generators for sites isolated or tied to grid. Power range is up to 100 kW. It is modular and stand alone modules. We developped also modules for sites with dust. Therefore in dusty sites you do not need to clean solar panels for life.

Technichal specifications:

We offer solar electricity generators only on demand. Because we should size it for facing your expectations. Expectations are changing from one customer to another one. Then unfortunately universal generators do not exist.

For us magic formula $/watt does not work at all. Therfore before anylizing your projects and before any cost evaluation, we request a full and detailled specifications. If you don´t have these specifications. Then RHE Engineers can visit your sites and shall write these specifications for you. Good and complete specifications shall help later for the succes of your solar electricity generators.

Solar electricity generators bigger then 100 kW.

These solar generators are modular. Therefore you can install as much modules as needed for covering your power range. There is no limitation you can build solar farms up to several MW.


When using this Modular RHE´s Technology, you have several benefits. Each module is tested before shipment and is very easy to install on site later. Therefore there is no bad surprises on sites with failures. By the way you reduce the size of spare parts stock.


For build these solar generators we use our solar panels and solar inverters. The RHE-MPPT technology is inside.

Integration level:

We offer two integration levels. These levels are named standard and integration 5. For instance a 100 kW can be fitted on space of 160 m2 while 800 m2 are needed with standard version.

Your projects are very important. Please think RHE!

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