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solar microwave ovens

solar microwave ovens
Solar microwave ovens


We produce complete range of battery and solar microwave ovens. Chassis and power supplies are our brand. We offer cooking capacities of 5, 7, 17 and 22 liters.


We should make difference between our microwaves ovens and the other solutions offered. Because some are using 230V microwaves ovens powered with DC to AC converter. When we do so the efficiency drops to 40%. Because 230V microwave ovens are build for running at 50 Hz. Their efficiency is very poor. it is around 50%. Then in the loop we should consider the efficiency of added converter which is 80%. Therefore the global efficiency becomes: 0.5*0.8= 0.4= 40%. This result means you waste 60% of cooking time. You shall discharge your battery very fast. May be before ending the cooking of your meal! Some are openning door which is already openned.

True solar microwave ovens:

We started designing power supply for microwave ovens in year 2000. When starting we took in consideration all requests in term of safety and efficiency. As first recommendation we cannot board 230V equipment on trucks or vehicles. Because the chassis of vehicles is ground. When you have short circuit with 230V you can imagin what shall happen. As secund parameter the efficiency should be at least over than 85%. The last parameter is that equipment boarded on vehicles should support vibrations. This is all what we did when we designed our microwaves ovens. Recently we added the extension to photovoltaic use in isolated sites. For these customers efficiency is a must. Because when efficiency is poor, customers shall pay it with higher size of solar field.

Available cooking capacity range:

We produce four chassis with cooking capacity of 5. 7. 17 and 22 liters. Power supply voltages are 12, 24 and 48V.

You can read more on the section solar ovens of this web site. Please we should save our planete. Therefore we should stop cooking with wood.

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