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Photovoltaic electricity sources for isolated sites.

Photovoltaic sources in 230V & 380V


We produce a complete range of photovoltaic electricity sources. Technology is very flexible and adaptable to your specific expectations. We cover power range up to 100 kW. With these sources customers in agriculture or in small industries shall cancell theirs electricity bills.


Most of offered solutions works under low battery voltage, It si lower or equal to 48V. Therefore the nominal currents are very high for power over than 3kW. We all know that high currents increase fire risks. We solved this problem because inside our photovoltaic inverter there is a high voltage battery charger. Then with high battery voltage we minimize fire risks.


We designed these photovoltaic sources at very high efficiency. Because MPPT battery chargers and MPPT photovoltaic inverters offer guarantee of best efficiency. We use ” on the fly with Sun” RHE´s technology. Therefore we increase daily running time. Because the best photovolatic installation is the one which runs at least 8 hours per day.

Enclosures & installation:

Photovoltaic sources are shipped with enclosures. It is truly stand alone electricity generator that you can install everywhere. Because they are fully protected against theft, dust and rain.

Integration level:

Integration 5 technology reduces installation space by 5. Today we offer 100 kW photovoltaic source in land space of 160 m2. While standad technology requests 800m2. Therefore you are quite sure that you can fit your photovoltaic source in small space of land.

Technichal specifications:

When you have your specifications then we build your sources in conformity with it. When you do not have these specifications then we can write it for you. We shall meet you for doing some work on your site. After we write for you the full and detailled specifications.

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