Photovoltaic solutions:

Photovoltaic solutions should be effective. We produce it for Agriculture, Electricity production, lighting and for cooking. For isolated sites we produce free standing modules. Thus, on this web site you can read more about our photovoltaic solutions.

RHEMPPT solar inverters in photovoltaic solutions:

Hence for building photovoltaic solutions, we use our MPPT inverters and our solar panels. For solar water pumps we buy hydraulic pumps and cables. We have several types of inverters. Solar inverters are either tied to grid or isolated. Some others are for solar water pumping solutions. In addition on the attached gallery you can discover our products families brochures. Please follow the links under below for reading more.

Offered solar farms for agriculture:

RHE produces complete solar farms for agriculture and photovoltaic electricity generators. In the attached Gallery you shall discover some pictures and in addition we have several short forms, products presentations, flyers and special forms for sizing your solutions. Therefore, gefore designing your photovoltaic electricity generator, we request full specifications of that generator you plan to have. If you do not have specifications we can write it for you. Hence for building succesfull solar farm we should start with clear specifications.

Solar microwave ovens and photovoltaic solutions:

We produce solar microwave ovens on demand for importers. Cavities and high frequency power supplies are our brand. Therefore when cooking with these ovens you can cancel your electricity bills.You can use it either on isolated sites or at home. You can also use it in vehicles and boats. In addition it is good for our planet because you shall reduce your carbone footprint. Beyond we can preserve forests when avoiding wood for cooking. On this web site you shall have detailed overview about our Photovoltaic solutions. Please follow this link here for reading more.

Brochures of the photovoltaic solutions:

On the four attached brochures you can select the solutions you are looking for and then find out the main features of your photovoltaic solution. Photovoltaic electricity generators are done with solar panels and inverters. For isolated sites we should add batteries for running by night. While agricultural farms are done with solar water pumps, irrigation systems, electricity generators and lighting solutions. Please follow this links under below for reading more.

More about photovoltaic solutions:

In addition you can read more about energy solutions on Google my business and on LinkedIn. There you shall find many posts over solar solutions solutions. We have also warned our kind readers about solar projects which have failed. For reading more, please follow this link under below.

Your comments:

Thank you very much for your visit and we hope to see you soon. Your projects are very important and photovoltaic solutions are tough to make it effictive. Please think to RHE. We like to read from you. Please let us know about your projects and leave your comments.