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Solutions at low costs request rigorous analysis:

The solutions at low costs request rigorous amnalysis. The size of projects and the types are numerous. Therefore, it is very difficult to have the right solutions left for you on the bench. In other hand it is always depending on the solar resources avaible on your site. At the end, we cannot offer universal solar solutions with the same performances and available on the bench. Therefore, the best way is to develop with local Partners typical solutions sized for their applications on dedicaded areas. Then we can produce cheap parts and in volume.

Some examples of solutions at low costs:

First for solar water pumps for drillings, we can analyse your expectations and size some calibers of solar water pumps for facing most of the queries of your customers. Secondly for isolated sites it is possible to do an analog analysis. Then finally we can offer a couple of solutions. Those solutions shall have the amount of energy produced and the autonomies. For private sites which are tied to grid, we can offer some generators at low costs sized for an amounth of energy to inject on the electricity grid. For bigger solar farms, we do not have the same pricing technics. Otherwice for solar inverters, ovens, solar panels and small lighting systems the costs are depending mostly on quantities requested. In conclusion, when doing so we can reduce the solar costs.


In particular for making you fully satisfied with us, it is very important to fullfith your projects. For achieving this step we have specific forms to fill with some data and the toplogies of your sites. You can request these forms by sending email to solar.rheconcept@gmailcom.

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