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We designed the first solar water pump in three phases 230V & 380V in year 2003. Today we produce complete range of solar water pumps supporting drillings depths up to 500 meters and daily waterflow is up to 5000 m3.



In 2003 most of offered solutions were in DC low voltage. From starting we considered that low voltage DC pumps are not an issue for agriculture. DC submersible pumps are very limited in depth of drillings and in volume of water to lift. From 2016 some suppliers are trying to recover the lost time with DC solar pumps by using three phases AC motors drives. Some are saying it is with MPPT technology. But for us motors drives are not with MPPT technology because we do not track at all power points on electricity grid. Most of suppliers of motors drives do not recommend to use it in solar. Also, in 2000, we produced our own motor drives. Then we know perfectly the limitations. We recommend also to visit web sites of bigger manufacturers of motor drives over the world.

Motor drives limitations in solar water pumping:

Motors drives work properly only when it is powered at nominal voltage over than 300V AC.  When powering motor drives with solar panels we, all are knowing that the voltage is always changing from 0V DC up to DC open voltage of your solar field. It is the first incompatibility with photovoltaic technology requirement. Therfore we should agree, even we can power it in DC, that it shall not start every time. For solving this problem some are installing big strings of solar panels without any amelioration in volume of water lifted per day.  For us, it solve nothing because solar resources are changing with seasons and sites. Therefore how can we offer professionnal solar water pumps running everywhere? In other hand motors drives are starting very late and stopping early. (30Hz up to 40 Hz). Therefore for filling your tanks in shorter time you should use bigger size of motor drive and of hydraulic pump. 

Motor drives results:

In conclusion the final cost of these experimentations is very high and the solution is fully incompatible with photovoltaic requirements. Technology less people are trying to lower selling prices without technology requested. Then better to buy RHE´s solar water pumps which are designed and tested fo photovoltaic use. Selling prices are lower and performances are 45% higher than all existing. 

Types of offered RHE´s solar pumps:

We produce three famillies of solar water pumps. Smart pumps, Laura pumps and Tigger pumps. RHE designed low cost Smart pumps for drilling up to 100 meters. Daily waterflow is up to 80 m3. Laura water pumps support drilling depth up to 500 meters. Daily waterflow is up to 5000m3. Tigger water pumps have the same characteristics than Laura water pumps. Laura water pumps support 600V pack of batteries while the Tigger water pumps can be powered by electricity grid or Pack of batteries. This diference is only for night pumping.

Sizing your solar pumps:

Your drillings are not electric motors. Power is only reserved for Standard electric motors in the industry sized in multiple 1/4 of HP. Asynchronous motors for industry are quite different from tubular motors of submersible pumps. Tubular motors have bigger windings resistances. Therefore inrush current do not exist like in induction motors for industry. Therefore for sizing your solar pumps we request only your daily water needs, the dynamic water level depth and the topology of your sites. We give guarantee for daily waterflow.

Form to fill for sizing your solar water pumps:

Evaluation form for solar water pumps
Evaluation form for solar water pumps

Several forms to fill are available.

Your Projects:

Your projects are very important. Please give them the right technology. Save your projects and the Planet by the way. Think RHE!

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