solar water pumps

solar water pumps

solar water pumps history:

Solar water pumping was designed in year 2003. At that time competition was offering only low voltage DC solar water pumps. From Starting RHE was aware that DC solar pumps are very limited in power range and in waterflow. Low DC voltage of motors have too big constraints. Due to that, competition realized very late in 2010, that these pumps are not an issue for agriculture. Then , as replacement they used market places three phases AC motors drives. But RHE has already motor drive technology, since year 2000. And we are aware that motor drives technology cannot run properly when powered by solar panels. Here, in the attached gallery you shall find some posts giving more details about these experimentations. Last decade, they offered seven different experimentations which costed too much to customers.

RHE´s solar water pumps range:

After several experimentations, we all can see that photovoltaic is new a technology. Therefore, we cannot use electricity goods. Today we have best solar pumps which support drillings depth up to 500m. Daily waterflow lifted with a single solar water pump is up to 5000 m3. Solar pumps can run with either electricity grid at 50 or 60 Hz, or photovoltaic at 4Hz up to 50 Hz, or batteries at frequency depending on autonomy. We have three famililies of solar pumps listed here under below:

RHE´s Smart solar water pumps :

Smart solar pumps offer the best comprise between costs and performances. Dynamic water level is up to 100 m. It is for lifting water from the rivers or the drillings. Daily waterflow is up to 100m3 per day. Smart solar pumps are runing either on electricity grid, or solar panels or on batteries. Running frequencies are depending on autonomy, photovoltaic and sun irradiance.

RHE´s Laura solar water pumps :

Laura series are supporting drillings depth up to 500m. Daily waterflow is up to 5000 m3. Solar pump run by night with pack of batteries. It is on the fly with sun for daily water lifting. Solar pumps start Automaticaly at sun rise and stops at sunset. There are no curves or parameters to set up like with motor drives. Even more RHE´s solar pumps can lift automaticaly water for free from rivers and canals while you do your work.

RHE´s Tigger solar water pumps :

In addition we are offering Tigger solar pumps which have the same performances than the Laura series. But this family is hybrid. Therefore you can lift water either by night when powering it by the electricity grid or with the sun by the day. At sunrising it start on the fly with sun without any battery. In addition you have nothing to set up. Just push one button to turn it on or off. Then solar pumps shall do the work while you do yours.

For sizing your solar pumps:

Before sizing your solar panel for water pumping, we request some characteristics of your drilling and daily volume of water to lift. For this purpose we have form to fill and to send back. Unfortunately wattages do not help in sizing. Because as an example for the same wattage we can have several solar pumps at different costs. As example we can have 1 kW for 6″ drilling and 1 kW for 3″ drilling. Similarly we can have 1 kW at depth of 40 m and 1 kW at depth of 100m. Each example listed here above has very different cost. Therefore we cannot use the power range for quoting your solar pumps. In fact farmers are only expecting daily waterflow for their crops and from their drillings. For that reason RHE is giving guarantee for volume of water lifted every day from that drillings. This feature is above all.

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