Solar water pumps-slide:

Solar water pumps-slide:

RHE supplies full range of efficient photovoltaic water pumps. We can lfte water from your rivers and drillings. For free we are giving drinking water for animals and People. We supply also water for agriculture up to 5000 m3 per day with a single pump. It starts and stop automaticaly. Nothing to enter because pumps are working for you while you do your work. It is easy to use, efficient and at low cost. We are producing three families which are the Smart pumps, the Laura high power pumps and the Tigger hybrid solar water pumps. The word Tigger with two letters ´g´ letter is RHE reserved.

Smart solar pumps:

These efficient solar water pumps are for dynamic depth lower or equal to100 m. The volume of water lifted per day is up to 100m3. It is designed for small farms and for drinking water. Drinking water is for humans and for the free animals on land. Smart pumps are easy to use and they are fully standalone. For filling your tanks, they start at Sunrising and stop at Sunset. Nothing to enter, no computer keyboard and no experimentations with mechnical trakers for increasing running time per day. The RHE´s technologies ‘on the fly with Sun’ and ‘RHE-MPPT ‘are inside. Display on front panel is only showing the state and alarms of inverter. A single switch allows the selection of the fourth states of inverter. As farmers are not scientists of computers, therefore they only need water whatever is the weather and the site. Contrarly to the universal prices, Technology should be the same everywhere. For this last reason, RHE´s solar water pumps are on the fly with sun and without batteries.

High power solar water pumps:

As power water pumps we supply the ‘Laura and Tigger’ famililes. Both are for drilling up to 500m. Water flow is up to 5000 m3 for a single pump. Tigger pumps are hybrid. Therefore, you can power it by electricity grid, mainly for night water pumping. It is not worth of it to use electricity while photovoltaic is free of charge. We support up to 23 solar panels strings of 6kW each. We do not need any magic external boxes for connecting strings. Because solar strings are not powering the single input of motors starters experimentations in photovoltaic. We are doing so, because we are the inventors of solar water pump technology in 2003 and we have already the technology of motors drives for electricity grid.

Pricing of efficient photovoltaic water pumps:

No one has universal prices on photovoltaic. Because offered solutions should fit with your expectations. Expectations are depending on your toplogies, water flow and costs. Photovoltaic science can easily demonstrate that wattages are last consequences after sizing your projects. Therefore it is absolutly false tu use wattages for pricing of solar water pumps. When using starters for electricity then people can use wattage prices because it always running at 50Hz or 60 Hz. On photovoltaic solar water pumps are running from 4Hz up to 80 Hz. Therefore we sould use the right technology not the one of electricity grid.

Your projects for efficient photovoltaic water pumps:

Your projects are very important. Please let us know about your expectations. Then we can size the efficient photovoltaic water pumps at a right pricing. If you do not have experiences then RHE´s Engineers are there for doing it for you. Please let us know on the links under below. You can also discover several videos on Youtube, social sites and on Google my business.