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Solar Panels

Our offer for solar Panels:

We offer different types of solar panels technologies. In photovoltaic we have the polycristalline and Thin solar panels Technologies. Thin solar panels Technolgy has very good features for small size solar solutions and for solar tiles for rooftop installations. In other hand Polycristalline solar panels Technology is well adated for high power installations. The key paramaters are in the size of cells and voltage produced by that cells.

Selecting the right Technology?:

When designing solar solutions, it is must to have rigorous analyzis. We should take in account the final size and the sun irradiance. For instance for roof top coverage should fit with size of the roofs. For highway lighting signalizations Thin technology offer better ratio space and performances.

Solar tiles for rooftop:

For rooftop we offer several types of solar tiles. Therefore we should use small size tiles for complete and clean roof coverage. For this reason we designed several types of solar tiles. In attached gallery you shall discover some.

Intelligent Panels or Smart Panels:

We offer full range of intelligent Panels. We cover wattages from 50W up to 300W. It is stand alone panels. Because we have integrated inside a photovoltaic DC-AC converter. Therefore you can connect battery and power 230V lamps. It is certainly the best solutions for indoor lighting solutions and for pure isolated sites.

RHE´s Dust free for life solar panel Technology:

Recently we made big improuvement in solar Technology. We solved two big problems which are integration level and protection against dust.  Certainly this Technology shall bring big changes in photovoltaic solutions. As it is hightly confidential we did not show any picture. We are seeking for professionnal Partners ready to join us for promoting this brand. We plan to sign official agreement with confidentiality clauses and sales policy considerations. Therefore it is big challenge with huge returns.

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