Solar panels

Solar panels

Solar panels technology:

We supply Solar panels only in volume. We have Thin and polycristalline technology. Moreover we recommand to use this Thin panels for solar lighting kits and for street light. But for bigger power range we advise to use polycristalline panels. Selecting type of solar panels technology is trade off between size and power range. We have also designed Smart solar panels for isolated sites. Smart panels are called three in one. Because Smart panels supply 230V AC and you can connect one battery of 12v/24v. Power range of smart solar panels is from 100W up to 300W. It is complete small 230V electricity genrators with backup of energy for night use. In addition you can connect 12V LEDs if you like. Otherwise, we recommend to use tubes. Then the light spectrum is not in single frequency like LEDs. You can find the fluorescente tubes everywhere. It is cheap and consumption is lower. Over all, we produce dust free solar panels which do not need cleaning for life. Customers insterrested in that technology can leave message on the contact link under below.

Solar panels wattages:

We supply only six power ranges of solar panels which are 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W & 300W. In all production process there is a yield, a magin and a fall out. In fact 260W, 270W, 280W & 290W are the fall out from 300W. We should preserve the yield margin. Therefore we cannot create new caliber every time we have better yield. Otherwise we shall not be able to produce again the same panels when yield is lower.

Benefits of Smart solar panels:

Smart panel Technology is revolutionary. Because daily running hours is at least ten hours and Energy produced is 45% higher than all existing. Therefore the benefit is first in the amount of energy produced. Even more you shall have shorter period of return from investment.

More about panels:

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Your projects:

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