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This cooker of meals with energy of sun.

Cooking capacities of ovens and solar ovens:

We produce our solar ovens chassis. We don´t use 230V microwaves chassis because it cannot withstand vibrations on vehicles and trucks. Cooking capacity range are 5 liters, 7 liters, 17 liters and 22 liters.

Regulations and safty:

The chassis on vehicles is the ground of electric circuit. Therefore it is mandatory forbiden to use 230V equipments on vehicles. Because in case of short circuit you shall inject 230V in the chassis of vehicles. Then everyone can imagin what shall happen. We developped specific power supply for powering magnetron in 4000V from 12V or 24V. Then certainly 230V AC does not exist. We have only DC low voltage wires accesible and without risk of short circuit of 230V AC.

Performances of ovens and solar ovens:

230V microwave ovens are running at 50 Hz with big transformer. Therefore they have very poor efficiency. It is around 50%. Therefore when you use DC/AC converter for powering it the efficiency drops to 40%. Then cooking autonomy is killed. This is the reason why we developped specific power supply for solar ovens. Technology less people are offering selling prices without any performances behind. RHE´s solar microwave ovens have efficiency of 85% and we control cooking power not duty cycle at same power. For more details we can send full technichal specifications.

Range of ovens and solar ovens:

We are producing three types of microwaves ovens. It is for vehicles and trucks, marine and for isolated sites. For isolated sites a solar MPPT battery charger is in side the chassis of ovens.

Sales conditions:

We produce solar ovens for importers, resellers and official distributors. Therfore we produce it only on customer´s demands. Pack quantity is 25 units per item. Guarantee periode is two years.

For any precision, please let us know.

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