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Types of Solar lighting solutions:

We produce several families of solar lighting solutions. We have parts for isolated sites, indoor and for lighting streets. Smart lighting kits are for your houses and gardens. Low cost 12V lighting kits are for isolated sites. Street lighting solutions are for urban projects.

Smart lighting kits:

We produce Smart lighting kits since year 2000. Low cost and 12V solar kits are still available. In 2018 we designed new generation of 230V & 12V solar lighting kits. We expended the power range and introduced new features for fluorescent tubes. The Smart controllers are with RHE-MPPT technology. With these new  solar lighting solutions you can power big houses or edifices. You can install up to 50 fluorecent tubes or LEDs. You do not have any cable lenght limitation when we run in 230V. In other hand you can use any 230V low consumption lamps of the market. It is cheap rather than LEDs tubes and you can find it everywhere.

Street lighting solutions:

We produce street light solutions only on customer´s demands. If you have technichal specifications then we shall build it in conformity with your request. If you don´t have technichal specifications then we can write it for you. It is very important to produce with specifications because there are huge of possibilities. Quality of pylones, power of lamps and technology of electrical circuit are key features.

Solar panels:

For building your solar lighting solutions we have polycristallin solar panels or thin solar panels. It is depending on site and power range. Smart solar panels are stand alone because one DC/AC converter and MPPT battery charger are embedded. Power range is from 100W up to 300W. With these smart panels you can build professionnal lighting solutions. We call it tree in one Smart panels because it is solar panel, converter and MPPT charger. Installations are either in 12VDC or 230V AC.


Quality of light:

For better quality of light we use lamps with large frequency spectrum. Because single frequency lamps have worst quality. The best light is the light of the Sun. Therefore for our comfort we should take lamps with spectrum as large as possible.

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