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RHE produces several types of photovoltic inverters. We have solar inverters for solar pumping solutions and for electricity production in sites tied or isolated to Grid. Single phase solar inverters have low voltage input while all other types are in three phase and 800V DC as input. The power range is from 300W up to 100 kW. RHE-MPPT Technology is embeded in all photovoltaic inverters.

On the fly with Sun:

Most of market inverters works at constant nominal power range. Below this nominal power they do not start. Therefore it is a pity because it shall run only 4 hours up to 6 hours per day only! Then amortization time is too long. RHE´s inverters run at variable nominal power. Therefore they can run synchronized with the value of Energy avalaible on your solar array. Therefore daily running time is at least 8 hours per day. We can easily imagin the gain and the shorter return from investments.

Sizing your solar electricity production installations:

For selecting the right type of inverters we give support for sizing your installations. We should check the compatibility between your solar array and inputs of our inverters. Then we shall make sure that all is fitting well.

Sizing your solar water pumps:

It is harder for water pumping projects. As we test the inverters, therefore we shall ship the inverters with its submersible pumps. We cannot skip the step and we don´t want to enter in troubles for nothing. We hope you understand our sales policy. It is for customer´s benefit!

Sales policy:

We sell solar inverters in quantity. Pack quantities are variable from 5 units up to 100 units. It is depending on type and power range.

Your projects are very important. Please give them the right technology.

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