Solar farms

Solar farms

Introduction :

For solar farms,we should make difference between solar farms for Agriculture with the photovoltaic electricity generators. For building solar farms for farming, RHE uses its technology of water pumps, of electricity generators and of solar inverters. The farms for agriculture are always equiped with water pumping solutions, lighting solutions and with photovoltaic electricity generators modules. In contrast, photovoltaic generators of 1000 kW are equiped with only one solar inverters and solar panels. As an advantage in RHE´s farms for agriculture, we cancell bills of water and electricity. Similarly RHE´s photovoltaic electricity generators run at least 8 up to 10 hours per day.

Technology for agriculture:

Above all technology used for building, farms must support all necessities and constrainsts of photovoltaic. Also solar panels are more or less with same performances everywhere. But solar inverters should be compatible with photovoltaic requirements and at high efficiency. In fact RHE´s solar inverters have high efficiency at several running power points while most of inverters have acceptable efficiency only at 80% of nominal power. This is the absolute difference which provides fast retuns from investment for your solar farms. Particularly all our solar inverters are designed for achieving fast returns from investments. Therefore you can kill your bills of electricity and of water when farming.

Solar farms for Agriculture:

RHE is building on customer´s demands complete photovoltaic farms. From the size of your farms, your land and the types of plants you intend to have, we size your photovoltaic farms. Therefore we find out le volume of water and the amount of energy requested. Then we can size your solar water pumps and electricity photovoltaic modules requested. For doing this work, Engineers shall visit your sites and shall write detailled technichal specifications. When you agree with these specifications then we start producing requested equipments for building your farms.

Photovoltaic electricity generators for solar farms:

RHE is building on customer´s demands complete Photovoltaic electricity generators. From your energy needs and your sites, we size your phototovoltaic electricity generators. Therefore we find out the bill of material and the amount of surface requested. Before doing this work Engineers shall visit your sites for writing detailled technichal specifications. When you agree with these specifications, then we start producing equipments for your farms.

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We regularly write posts for helping more on photovoltaic technology. Man should absolutely make difference between the heating effect of the sun and the brightness of the light of the sun. In photovoltaic, we use only the brightness. The heating increases only the ambiante temperature. Then it decreases the efficiency of solar panels. Therefore, in the deserts, you shall have the worst climate conditions. The only benefit that you have is the free space. You can also read more on LinkedIn and on Google my business. The links are under below.

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