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solar farm

Our offer for agricultural solar farms:

We produce complete solar farms for agriculture. We free farmers from water, gasoil and electricity bills. As supplier of big size of solar water pumps and of solar electricity generators therefore we can cover big farms with our tecnology.

Sizing solar water pumps:

From the types of crops and the surface of farms we estimate the needs of water per season. Then we size the solar water pumps requested for lifting this volume of water requested. Then we can lift water from drillings, from canals and rivers. RHE has also developped all accessories for lifting water from rivers and canals.

Sizing solar electricity generators:

After this first step we evalute the Energy needed in the solar farm. Then we select the size of solar electricity generators. This energy is for existing machinery and lighting systems of the farms. We do not power solar water pumps with these solar electricity generators. It is stand alone water stations. therefore we avoid all cables crossing the solar farms.

Selecting irrigation system:

At this step we work on the design of irrigation systems. We have several possibilities. We can have drip to drip irrigation system or gravitationnal system. It is depending on the farms and existing water installations.

How we proceed:

When you have your technichal specifications we produce this solar farm in conformity with your request. Then it is under your responsability. Otherwise we can write specific specifications for you. For this purpose we shall visit your farm and write these technichal specifications. These technichal specifications are complete set of calculations, maps and drawings. For sure you shall understand that it has a cost. But when you confirm your order then we give back money paid for this study.

For any question, please let us know.

Your projects are very important. Think RHE.

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