Sales of solar solutions:

Discovering our brand on website:

Welcome to RHE. We are producing sturdy, efficient and cheap solar solutions. Our experience is coming consequently from a long activity in electronic design for industry. As example, you can see some pictures of Motor drives boards. It is designed for the shaft of motors. This technology has been designed before starting to produce our actual energy solar solutions that you can discover on attached pages. Therefore you can learn more about solutions by following the links under below this page. As introduction, In the attached sliders, we are showing couple of images of RHE site and some about our brand. For your energy saving, you can read more about farming, water pumping technology, photovoltaic cooking and about solar inverters. Undoubtedly you can find your expected technology.

Thus, you can discover all these solar solutions described in details on dedicated website pages. On the menu bar you can select the solar solutions in which you are interrested in. We are offering a license for turn keys productions lines of solar inverters. Your projects are very important, Therefore you can learn more on the links set under blow.

Guarantee and conformity of goods:

As we sell only complete solutions, therefore there is no risk for guarantee. It is ready for installation on sites. After test, we ship it with a guarantee , Eur1 certificate and all users and maintenance manuals. Sales policy is also on this web site. For reading about it, please follow links under below.

Generation 5 for photovoltaic energy:

In order to increase efficiency and to lower size of solutions, we have designed and qualified new technology concepts and topologies. The efficiency is 45% higher than the one of standard technology. In addition to standard generators, you do not have to clean solar panels for life. It is dust free solutions. On the links, under below, you can discover more about this new technology Gen5. Therefore for reducing your energy and water bills you should use efficient solutions.

Cooking without wood with RHE’s ovens:

Evidently, for preserving our forests and for reducing carbon foot print, we should surely avoid wood and oil. As a replacement, we can use photovoltaic solar microwave ovens. We are offering cooking capacities from 7 liters up to 22 liters. RHE’s solar solutions are very efficient. At the end you do not need to pay more gas on vehicles and pay bigger solar panels on isolated sites. Because when using 230V market places ovens, certainely you shall pay higher costs. Because in that case the efficiency is very poor. For these reasons listed above, you shall pay more after sales. Your Projects are very important. Thank you very much to think to RHE.