Sales Policy

General considerations:

Sales policy is a must. Therefore we are proud to bring it to your kind attention. Clear sales conditions help to build professionnal business Partnership with you. For us it is very important to know what do you buy and how much you pay for it? Also which are after sales services that we are offering. Unfortunately, today solar market is very polluted. For avoiding any misunderstanding we shall attract your kind attention over technology differences between good and bad solar solutions. In the attached gallery you can discover some posts that we published on our linkedIn Page and on Google my business.

Our Gurantee:

As written in our sales policy documents, all our solar solutions are tested before shipping it to your sites. When goods is ready you are invited to come and see before shipping it. The guarantee period and services after sales are the ones given in your proforma invoice. Goods is shipped with EUR1 and origin certicates. Usual guarantee periods are 20 Years for solar panels, 2 Years for hydraulic pumps and 5 years for solar inverters. For Goods that we buy the guarantee period is the one offered by the suppliers.

Selling prices:

For us universal selling prices do not exist for complete solar solutions. Because the solar resources are very different from one site to another one. Therefore it is impossible to provide honest price list. Also for us the magic formula €/Watt is abusive. In the attached gallery you shall find our comments about pricing matter.

Audit before ordering:

RHE is always happy to welcome its kind customers to its sites in Spain. However before visiting us, it is profitable for both sides to be aware about your expectations. Most of times we shall analyze your technichal specifications. If you don´t have then we can write it for you. Then before meeting we should sign an agreement over internet. This one shall list your requests and our offer with our sales policy. When we agree with then we can meet for signing the original of our contract. Before meeting we can also have Live video conference. Your orders should be signed in your offices and send by mail from your site. Payment are under your responsability and RHE has nothing todo in your internal payments methods. RHE responsability is to secure the best services and your responsability is to pay these services. This working method is very efficient and it shall avoid wast of time

Payment methods:

We accept irrevocable credit letter or bank to bank swifts. For shifted payments requests, we offer fundings possibilities through our banks. In this case we request guarantee revolving swift of 1/3 of the total amount of your order. After the carence period you shall pay to your local bank. RHE is paid at shipment of Goods by our banks. Carence periods is up to one year and it is very cheap. Therefore do not wast tour time in negociatios of usual shifted payments methods.

Learning more about us:

This year we took advantage of slowdown in business for moving our production line of Barcelona to Vinaros. So we are going to group our activities in one place. In this period of Coronasvirus crisis, our order intake is very strong. This year our expected turn over will be around 3 M€. But for 2021 we anticipate 10 M€ as turnover for standard solutions. In addition we signed three order intentions for solar farms. We shall recruit 10 persons, including Engineers and sales people. Our Algerian Branch is also growing strongly. In this pandemic period customers discovered the Pricing Trap sales policy and rubbish goods that they don´t want anymore.


We are on Google my Business and on LinkedIn. On these social pages you shall discover many posts that we have published. Please enjoy by surfing over the following link: Please leave your comments and share over the following link: contact Thank you very much for your visit and we hope to see you again soon. With our Best regards.

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