Designs center of solar solutions.

Designs center of solar solutions.

Designs center of vinaròs:

In our designs center of solar solutions in vinaròs prototypes are tested and qualified. Then they become the standad solutione that we can produce and promote in volume to Customers, Partners and Fitters over the world the world. Therefore, we are not importing goods that we sell to customers. Goods sold is our brand and it is certified as an European origin. Therefore, selling prices, technical support and garantee are at high level. On solar solutions, we are light into energy. We do not use at all the thermal effect of the sun in our brand. Even for solar microwave ovens we use the photovoltaic effect of light. Therefore we use undifferently the word solar solutions or photovoltaic solutions.

Types of goods done in our designs center of solar solutions:

We are designing solar solutions for water pumping, electricity generation, lighting and for cooking. All solar solutions use photovoltaic solar panels and photovoltaic inverters. Solar pumping solutions have three phase 230V & 380V hydraulic pumps and some accessories.

Your projects on solar solutions:

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