Pricing of photovoltaic goods:

Why it is important to know about photovoltaic pricing ?

Pricing of photovoltaic goods is always the best way for showing our brand to professionnal buyers. Every time, when, it is feasible, we are the first to provid it. However some times it is impossible to establish it. Mainly on photovoltaic, we cannot offer honest commodities prices list. Anyway for buying you should get a price and then the most important is to know how short is our reply. For clarification of that mater, please consider that we can send proforma invoice after analyzing your projects and expectations under some working days. No one, as serious supplier, can give honest pricing of photovoltaic goods,without knowing your projects and expectations. We are very sorry for that. But we should make sure that you will be happy with us.

Why solar is different from electricity grid?

Prices lists for electricity grid exist since a while. Because energy is always taken from grid of suppliers. Day and night, it does not change. Also machinery is sized for running at optimal efficiency at 50Hz or 60Hz. When running at lower frequency the efficiency is very poor. Therefore electronic goods are all done for running at optimal frquency which is either 50Hz or 60Hz. For photovoltaic goods energy available is continiously changing with sites and seasons along the day. for the Photovoltaic goods, the only supplier that we have is the climate of considered site. Therefore People should forget goods for electricity grids. RHE has Technology of electricity grid since year 2000. Therefore, we are aware that photovoltaic requests its own technology that RHE has designed for you in year 2000.

Price list of photovltaic goods in agriculture:

In agriculture motor drives should run only when powered by the grid. Then your electricity hydraulic pump shall run at 50Hz or 60Hz. When powered by the photovoltaic panels, it is quitly different. Therefore photovoltaic goods should run properly and at high efficiency from 4Hz up 80 Hz. It is depending on energy available on solar panels. Also there are some other important features needed for running properly at variable frequency on the Sun. It is very big mistake to think to the replacement of grid by solar panels or to replace photovoltaic power supplies by DC/AC converter like for microwaves. Even when those People decrease costs, never they can change the efficiency of photovoltaic goods with pricing. No one can bypass the developpoment of photovoltaic by only switching from plugs to solar panels. But unfortunately this is is what they did since year 2000. We nammed that Experimentations.

Your Projects :

Your photovoltaic goods are very important. For sizing and pricing them, we should analyze your projects and your expectations. The best pricing is achieved only with the efficient photovoltaic goods. We are on Google my Business and on several social Medias. Please join us for reading several posts and videos puplished. The links listed under below shall give you an easy acces to our writtings and solar technology presentations. You can join us on Google Meet for live videos. Thank you very much for your visit and fidelity. We hope to see you again soon !