Power inverters slide:

Power inverters slide:

Efficient power inverters

We produce a wide range of 3 phases efficient power inverters. Power range is up to 100 kW. We support up to 23 strings of solar panels without any magic external boxe. Efficiency is 45% over all existing over the world. Also the most important for solar inverters is to have the same efficiency whatever is the power laod. Because solar panels are intensity generator. The greater is the current you sink, the lower is the voltage accross the solar panels. Therefore, solar inverters should sink current at maximum power range without shorting down the source.

Sensitivity of power invers:

Photovoltaic inverters should be sensitive for starting early and stopping very late. RHE´s inverters are starting at 90W of available power on solar panels. While bad inverters are at first consumming 20% of their power range before starting to run. The longer is the running time, the more you produce energy or water. Therefore photovoltaic inverters requested for solar solutions are very different from electricity inverters running all at 80% of the nominal power range.Then outside that nominal power point efficiency decreases badly. Therefore, we cannot estimate the energy produced with this same efficient of 80%. For electricity plugs, as the power is stable then we can use this way of estimation. But we should not forget that power available on solar panels is very different. It is constiniously changing with weather, seasons and sites. Therefore photovoltaic is new technology which requests its own concepts and goods. For these reasons above RHE has designed RHE-MPPT Technology on the fly with Sun


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