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Photovoltaic solutions:

Especially in this page you shall discover more about solar solutions. We attached several galleries for some different solutions. Brochures are for French, Spanish and English readers. In addition we attached some posts. Secondly we listed experimentations offered for which customers paid high cost. It is clear that the best photovoltaic solution is the one which is fully compatible with all photovoltaic requirements. Certainly electricity grid components are not compatible with photovoltaic technology.

Please enjoy and let us know about your projects.

Solar water pumps portofolio:

First gallery of fifteen pictures is for solar water pumps. We attached brochures, posts and we listed some experimentations offered in photovoltaic solutions. Since year 2003, we have seen several experimentations which are certainly  bad. Using low voltage DC pumps for agriculture is wrong doing. Definitly today competitors are trying to use 230V and 380V AC submersible pumps. As it takes long time to develop and validate photovoltaic technology, they are using motor drives. But certainly motor drives are not build for photovoltaic use. Without any doubt the efficiency is too poor and starting frequency is too high. As result we should use double quantity of solar panels. It should be noted that motor drives shall start very late and shall stop early. And you are lucky if they don´t stall when clouds are shaddowing your solar panels.

For more details, please let us.

Solar solution efficiency portofolio:

On this gallery we attached some pictures showing RHE´s solar solutions performances. Always bad efficiency increases the cost of the solutions. Then we should add solar panels for compensating this bad efficiency. Then certainly the cost of solutions increases. Faster return requests absolutly bigger running hours per day. We experience the same when global efficiency is too low. Absolutly we should consider the global efficiency and daily running hours as key parameters above all.

RHE´s MPPT photovoltaic technology:

 In addition to this after several improuvements we achieved efficiency of 45% higher than existing. Also daily running time is expended to height hours too. Compatibility in photovoltaic is over all and electricity grid parts are not compatible with photovoltaic

Today we definitly embed  RHE-MPPT Photovoltaic Technology in all our offered solutions.

Your projects are very important. Please give them the right technology.

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