Efficiency of Photovoltaic solutions

Efficiency of Photovoltaic solutions

The photovoltaic inverters in solutions:

When using the efficient photovoltaic solutions then you can discover that photovoltaic inverters are playing a major role. Because solar energy from the sun is very different than the energy offered the day and the night on the electricity plugs at home. herefore for killing the electricity bills, you should use technology designed xclusively for Phtovoltaic. This is exactly what RHE did when designing its first inverter in 2000. Overall the solar Photovoltaic inverters should have a good sensitivity for running well whatever is the available energy on the solar panels. Amd more the Photovoltaic inverters should optimise efficiency at every power level.When building photovoltaic solutions, we should always think Efficiency of Photovoltaic.

Sturdy Photovoltaic inverters:

Also the true photovoltaic inverters should have the enclosures protected against dust. Unfortunately most of offered electronics are most of time with blowers and it has an effective effiency only at 80% of the nominal power range. Out of this gap the efficiency and sensitivity are very poor. Therefore, when you do not have the right enclosures you shall experience extra costs at installation time. Always the lowest costs of solar systems should withstand high efficiency and a big life time killing. When these two features are good, then for sure you shall have fast returns from investment. Then you can use the solutions for free for long time only if the life time killing is fine. Unfortunately the solar systems are not commodities that we can change very often. Therefore, we should think investment!

Consequences on efficiency when using bad inverters:

The impact of the bad photovoltaic inverters in solutions is a big disaster for efficiency of photovoltaic. The consequences are at big costs. Because the bad solar installations do not have photovoltaic inverters. While it is not running, you stay without neither water nor produced energy. As the global efficiency is poor, then you have very bad yield. Even the higher efficiency of solar panel cannot help for a better yield. In other hand if you use keyboard and blowers on enclosures, therfore please consider that it is personal computer for home. If those bad inverters are not housed, then for sure you shall get in troubles very quicly.

RHE´s MPPT photovoltaic inverters offered range:

RHE is producing a complete range of photovoltaic inverters . Most of products are in three phases for covering nominal power up to 100 kW. Also in three phases, inverters are running very smoothly. We are offering three types. It is for solar water pumps, production of electricity on isolated sites and for installations tied to electricity grids. Every family of inverters is different. But several RHE´s solar technologies are embedded inside all families. It is on the fly with the Sun and the efficiency optimisers are set. You don´t have to enter any curve or to play with a keyboard for running faster than the Sun. RHE´s photovoltaic inverters are running from 4Hz up to 80Hz. They are running with an efficiency of 45% higher than all existing over the world. Also you do not need to build housing for it because it is IP68. Please read more at the links attached under below.

Your Projects request photovoltaic inverters:

Your projects are very important. The universal solutions do not exist in photovoltaic. Therefore you should let us know about your projects and expectations. The costs for solar power are very important but we should verify that you shall get the best returns. It is worth when you produce for your needs the expected water, light or energy. Please check what you shall get for the price you have maybe paid. In case of support needs, please consider that RHE´s Engineers are at your disposal for helping you in your projects. The attached galleries of pictures and the several links for reading more, will guide you on this website.

Your messages:

Thanks very much for your visit. You can read more on the attached links under below. Your projects are very important, you should succeed to find the best solution and by the way to save our Blue Planet. Please enjoy and let us know about your project!