photovoltaic ovens technology:

Photovoltaic ovens are offered only in volume. We have four cooking capacities of: 5L 7L, 17L and 22 Liters. Above all, cooking time autonoomy of the photovoltaic ovens is the most important feature. Therefore we have done it very different from 50 Hz market places ovens powered by a converter. Because when we do so the efficiency is very poor. As result the cooking autonomy is schrinked. For preserving the cooking time autonomy, RHE has designed high frequency and high efficiency specific power supply. For market places ovens with a converter have a global efficiency of 46%. Therefore for the same cooking time you should expand the solar panels size. Then the final cost is bigger than the one of RHE’s. In addition RHE has especialy designed chassis which withstand vibrations.While market places chassis do not. When the photovoltaic ovens are boarded on vehicles then this feature is essential.

photovoltaic ovens types:

For vehicles, ovens can be powered either under battery of 12v or 24V. For isolated sites these battery are charged with our MPPT solar smart chargers. When you use DC/AC converters and 230V market microwave ovens, then efficiency is around 46%. Therefore you should use bigger size of solar panels for chargers or put more gas if it is on vehicles. It seems that you buy cookers at low cost. But, do not forget that you have to pay more for reasonable autonomy. At the end the bad autonomy shall cost to much to you.

Photovoltaic ovens Technology is revolutionary. Because daily running hours is at least ten hours and Energy produced is 45% higher than all existing. Therefore the benefit is first in the amount of energy produced. Even more you shall have shorter period of return from investment. In addition for human safty with RHE ovens 230V AC is unaccesible while it is when you use market converters. Above all there is big human risk when you board 230V AC oven on vehicles. Because the chassis of vehicles is attached to electric ground. Therefore in case of short circuit you shall burn you car. We produce ovens for vehicles, isolated sites and for marine. It is in conformity with all regulations requirements and certifications.

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