Motor drives skills:

Motor drives skills:

Introduction to motor drives:

Our motor drives skills are originated from our funder who worked for 8 years by an American production company. Even solar cells are existing since 1947, solar solutions came to market only from 2000. Before solar business demands, our company funder worked in the integration of 230v/380V Ac motors drives. At that time, Power Mosfets and IGBTs started to repleace thyristors. On 1988 our company funder started to design new topologies for inverters using thyristors. It is the first time that we started to use semiconductor components able to switch off before the crossing to zero.

Experiences on motor technology :

Therefore, our funder visited the biggest Manufacturers over the world. At that time, company has introduced Motors drives train for learning technology of motor drives. On the attached gallery you can see couple of pictures showing our developpments. Therefore we are aware about photovoltaic requirements. In that company the first solar cells were for satellites and no-one elsewhere had solar panels technology at that time. That technology is still running fine on satellites until today. When we started to design solar solutions, we had the skills needed about 230v/380V electricity drives. For these reasons, RHE has designed a specific technology for photovoltaic. It has nothing todo with electricity grid technology.

DC motor drives:

Dc motors are very usefull, on some applications, at small power range only. You cannot find DC motor with power range of 200W. Also it should fit with the drillings. Even for 6 inches drillings, you cannot install it inside. For agriculture, over 200W people cannot supply submersible hydraulic pumps. Also at low DC voltage magnitude of current is very high. Therefore, we experience serious depth limitation. But with tubular three phases AC motors, RHE is supplying power range from 300W up to 100 kW.

Using tubular sumersible hydraulic pumps instead of electricity motors:

For that reason we should use tubular submersible and three phases AC motor of 230V or 380V. Hydraulic pumps installed outside drillings are very limited on dynamic water depth to 10 meters. Over that distance the efficiency is very poor. On the electricity grid no-one is analysing the comsumption. But on photovoltaic you should use bigger solar panels surface for achieving your targets. For that reason, RHE do not recommend using horizontal hydraulic pumps when it is powered by solar panels. Competition offered experimentations for years. Now they are turning to AC motor drives. But unfortunately, Ac motors drives are not for photovoltaic which requests its technology.

Solar and motor drives:

Photovoltaic is new discipline and the electricity drives cannot work properly on photovoltaic. Because the power sources are very different. One is voltage source and the other is current source. Therefore, the motor drives cannot have good efficiency on photovoltaic. Also for solar water pumps, it is impossible to wire more than one string in direct to Ac drives. Because AC drives have only one power input.

solar projects:

Your solar projects are very important. You can read more on the links under below. You should succeed on your projects and save our blue Planet, please let us know.