Lighting solutions

Lighting solutions

RHE´s lighting solutions:

RHE produces lighting solutions. We have lighting kits, indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. We build street light solutions on demand because we have many options for facing huge of differents types. The height of pylons, the solar power and autonomy are important features which change from one customer to another one. Therefore it is difficult to have standard solutions. In other hand market is polluted by bad players with false specifications. In fact due to the wind, we are limited in the size of solar panels that we can install at the top of pylons. More importantly the light flux at ground and autonomy are also limited. There are also many lies about the life time killing of the lights. For solar lighting kits we have two families. The one running under 12/24V and the one of 230V. Here above on the gallery you can discover some products pictures. For solar quotes of solar lights please, let us know with your expectations.

Solar street light :

Street lighting kits:

Solar lighting solutions offer:

We supply high quality lighting solutions with serious guarantee and at very agressive cost. As we produce on demand with professionnal specifications, therefore the control is easy at production time. In other hand you can read more about claims of many customers over the world scammed by bad suppliers. For that reason we sould make things transparent and clear. Concerning solar lighting kits, we have several advantages. The first advantage consists in the use of the 230V low consumption lamps that you can find everywhere at very low cost. The second avantage is in the quality of the light. A wide spectrum light offers always more comfort to your eyes than a single frequency light. Please, consider thatwe cannot give universal costs for solar lights without knowing your expectations and your topologies of lighting solutions.

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For a solar lighting solutions , solar panels cost is important. Then a good efficiency decreases solar panels surfaces. Therefore the high efficiency reduces the costs of solar green energy sytems. Thank you very much for your visit and we hope to see you again, very soon . Before you leave, please sign in your comments and let us know about your projects on the following links under below.