Solar inverters technology:

We supply solar inverters only in volume. We have photovoltaic inverters for solar water pumps, for isolated and tied to electricity grid sites. Above all, the efficiency is the most important feature. Therefore we have build our inverters very different from usual other inverters. Because usual solar inverters are not designed for photovoltaic use. As result the amount of energy produced is schrinked. For preserving this yield RHE has designed high frequency and high efficiency solar inverters.

Benefits of isolated closures for invereters:

In addition RHE has especialy designed photovoltaic inverters which withstand hard climate environnement while market places inverters do not. When inverters are installed outside then this last feature is essential. This is for this reason why RHE´s inverters withstand high temperature, dust and humidity. Not such as inverters with blowers. Because it is like personnal computers which always request housing. All RHE´s inverters are IP68. Therefore there is no problem when they are installed outside and close to the solar panels. By the way, even DC solar pannels current is at a high magnitude, they can run. If the inverters are not well isolated, then you should bring DC current wires up to the housing of solar inverters.

Solar inverters types:

RHE produces inverters for solar water pumps, isolated and for sites tied to electricity grid sites. We have designed it especially for photovoltaic use. Power range is from 300W up to 100 kW. We have single and three phases photovoltaic inverters.

Benefits of solar inverters:

RHE´s photovoltaic inverters have high efficiency at all running power points while others inverters have good efficiency only when they run at 80% of nominal power. For lower running power points these solar inverters have very bad efficiency. Particularly as in photovoltaic as running power changes constiniously during the day and seasons. Therefore the total yield in that case is very poor. As example RHE´s solar inverters offer many adventages. It starts early and stopps very late in the afternoon. The benefit in efficiency, does not change with running power points. Therefore you can produce bigger amount of daily energy. Over all you do not need at all housing for the installations. Because it withstands hard climate conditions.

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