solar topologies:

Solar technologies GEN5 are completly a new concept. As it is confidential and as patents are not working everywhere, therefore we are showing only some pictures resulting from that technology. Customers interrested in are welcome to let us know about their projects and expectations. Then we shall revert to them with complete document explaining the benifits of Gen5 solar technology. The attached picture is also showing photovoltaic inverters which contribute in the achieved efficiency of 45%. By the way it is a dust free for live and we can confirm that GEN5 reduces by 5 the space requested for fitting. Offered solar topologies are very different and more efficie nt than the traditional ones.

Goal of Gen5 technology:

RHE´s Gen5 Technology introduces solar topologies. In the following we shall consider the Roof-Top installations & the Grounded solar farms. Gen5 Technology is designed either for increasing performances or for cancelling cleaning works requested for the solar installations. Therefore, please think to installation Gen5 on the sites with dust. You should avoid wasting money with goods that request cleaning and not running at least eight hours per day. Without Gen5 solar topologies, you should stop usual solar farms, time to time, for cleaning and pay machinery requested. When doing so, the returns from investment are shifted. In fact, most of actual grounded solar farms are producing during less than five hours a day. While RHE´s solutions are running more than eight hours. Statstics, listed here above are the returns from the groung for 40 big solar topologies of active farms.

Why Did we call it Gen5?

The smart RHE’s dust free solar technoly is calleg Gen5. Because we reduce the space of installations by 5 times. For this reason, we called it Gen5. As we can see on ground, we should reduce installations space because the earth left should feed more people. Therefore hearth should be saved. The installations in desert are in areas with dust. Therefore people should clean very often. Installations over water works only when we can install solar panels horizontaly. So we can do those installations only at equator level. In other sites we have inclinations and whith the wind it is disaster. In other hands installations over water are killing the marine fauna. RHE has solved all these problems for you! Why not to use Gen5 Technology for saving our planet and preserving your investments? Please let us know about your projects on links under below.

Existing problems on the ground without solar topologies:

In the following block, we shall analyze problems inherent to main usual solar topologies. People seems to be very happy with Roof-Top and Grounded solar farms installations. But when, we enter deeply in the results, then we can discover that returns from investments cannot be done during life time killing of solar inverters. For Roof-Top, it is worst. Because the efficiency is depending on orientations and on surface of roofs. In other hand, without tiles, solar panels sizes are not fitting with most of roofs. At the end it is not efficient and not nice to see.

RHE´s solutions solar topologies:

People can use RHE´s Dust free solar panels technology with our high effiency photovoltaic inverters. Then you are protected from dust and life time killing is bigger. As our inverters are very robust, then running time is over than eight hours per day. Also you do need at all an efficient mechanical trackers. The RHE´s solar topologies are solving your returns from investment problems. Photovoltaic shall save our planets if we miss the bad and repetitive solar topologies. Yes we can save our Planet! We are on Google my business. You can learn more about us on the links uder below.

Solar Gen5 topologies transfer:

We are producer, not installators, buying goods from elsewhere, to fit in your installations. We can also install goods. But we prefer to hire sub-contractors with deployment tools. Everyone has his competence and for this reason it is not to us to show videos of installations. The Goals of RHE is to produce and to support Partners for solar goods. In other hand, we are very sorry , we do not show any photos of Gen5 goods. Because Patentes are not protecting us against copies from bad players. Even we cannot have claim against them. Some of them stole our web domain: Therefore we are seeking for powerfull and serious Partners for solar topologies technology transfer. For learning more please let us know to the following links under below.