Electricity Genrators

Electricity Genrators

Electricity generators :

Modules Electricity generators word is used instead of solar farm that we have already for agricultural farms. Therefore, we are building generators for facing electricity production on isolated sites and on sites tied to the grid sites.The power range focus is from 10 kW up to 100 kW for gen5 modules. For bigger power range of electricity generators, we can install several times the same modules. Thus, when using these modules, we avoid space problems and roof top installations problems such as orientation and roof-space.

Gen5 technology :

Modules are installed over the land and the RHE´s integration 5 Technology reduces space needed by 5. In addition you can install these modules on dusty sites without cleaning it for life. The concept tested of this technology is revolutionay. Unfortunately for protecting our work against usual theft by bad players, we have shown only some AutoCad pictures on the gallery attached here above. Thus, customers interrested are welcome to revert to us for learning more about these innovative modules.

Electricity generators types:

RHE promote two types of electricity generators. The one that we can move at any time and the stand alone one. We supply electricity generators tied to grids or for isolated sites. The efficiency is 45% higher than all existing and daily running time is at least 8 hours per day. Above all the spaces requested for installations are small. Therefore it shall fit with most of customers requests. In dusty areas, you do not need at all the cleanning machins. Because, we can provide dust free for life generators.

Benefits of electricity generators as modules:

RHE´s Electricity Generators Modules benefits are numerous. As first advantage you are sure that you can build your electricity generators in small size of land space. Therefore, you shall not care neither about the surfaces of roofs nor about the orientation of these roofs. In addition modules are fast and easy to install. Over all Modules are efficient and are very safe for users. For isolated sites the batteries are housed in the modules. Thus, you are protected from the smell of vapor of acid from the batteries.

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