solar goods

solar goods

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The contact form for solar goods is under below. You can also write to us on: ! Thank you very much for your visit. We hope to see you soon.

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Solar goods:

Always the solar goods request a big attention ! RHE is offering the best goods at low cost since year 2000. Autonomy expected, Energy needded and your water resources are the main parameters that we request for correctly sizing your solar installations. Therfore you should consider that the solar goods at the same prices and running well everywhere do not exist ! Please read our several posts on Google and on LinkedIn too. Therefore you can read more about differences between the electricity goods and the photovoltaic goods requests. You should make difference and avoid to fall in “Prices Taps”

Selecting the solar goods :

Starting from your expectations, then we shall build the expected solutions. The Sun calculations are showing all the requests needed in photovoltaic. Therefore, we cannot miss science and concepts of photovoltaic. Also as the Sun irradiance is specific for each area, therefore it is impossible to ship a same good everywhere. Selling prices are hightly depending on the topologies, on the water ressources and on your expectations. Therefore, for selecting the best solution you should consider how fast is the return from investment. Please check if a life time killing of goods is longer than the period term of your loan. Therfore you should consider the ratio price to the life time killing and the efficiency. Otherwise it is sure, never you shall achieve any return.

Returns from investments for solar goods:

When you borrow money for solutions then the best solution is the one which has longer life period than the duration of your loan. When the good is completly paid, then you can continue to work with it for free. You should not continue paying while a good is already dead! Efficient solution has always a good photovoltaic inverters. For photovoltaic inverters you can read more over the link under below.

Forms to fill for solar goods :

For every type of project, we have specific form to fill. As soon you let us know about your projects, then you shall receive all forms and brochures requested. Every time we sizing a solar solution, we provide a proforma invoice and a return from investment plan. In case of solar technology is unusual for you, then no problem RHE´s Engineers can help to write your specifications. The main targets are to buy sturdy and efficient solutions that you can use after amortization. It is a great opportunity to save our planet when producing energy or water without oil. We appreciate to read from you! The links are at the end of this page. Thank you very much for your visite !

Payment methods:

Several customers are asking for shifted payment therms. We are glad to inform them that international payment methods are well known since a while. The recomendations from T.W.O, Banks and insurance companies are clear. Therefore, the guarantee offered by your banks for the payment cannot be switched off. In the other hand, if you are looking for payment shift term, the best way is to have loan for your project. Therefore we should not confuse payment terms with credit for solar goods.

Where can we meet for solar goods? :

We are on on Google. Therefore for discovering more, please follow the link under below. Then we can set up planning as soon as we receive your expectations. Before meeting we can also have live video conferences .

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