Photovoltaic Technology:

RHE started to design a brand of photovoltaic technolgy in year 2000. The tite ¨solar solutions¨ is generic. In the following of this document we shall use either the title photovoltaic solutions or solar solutions. But we do not promote any solar thermal technology. The efficient photovoltaic solutions should run more than eight hours per day. It should not stall when weather changes happen. Features of solar panels are more or less the same evrywhere. But inverters are quite different. The photovoltaic technology is not so easy than we can consider. Therefore solar inverters should optimize the global efficiency. For this reason we are designing our own solar inverters which are certified for photovoltaic technology. It has very high efficiency. The performances offered by solar panels are very different from the ones of electricity grid. Therefore the inverters should suck the maximum energy available on solar panels. While on electricity grid you have always a lot of energy to use.

Bad solar inverters for photovoltaic solutions:

When photovoltaic energy avaible in solar panels is at low level, then bad inverters shall break down solar panels. Then it shall stay in short-cicuit for ever. When this happens the amount of photovoltaic energy produced is void. Almost always inverters without power software tracker shall start late and shall stop early in the afternoon. Therefore the yield of photovoltaic solutions will be poor. When we have fast running clouds over solar fields then the result will be worst. Because without photovoltaic technology the inverters shall stall very frequently. Then the energy produced or water lifted are not satisfactory. For avoiding this happening, inverters should track energy available on solar panels continiously. We have done it without any mechanical tracker. Because these trackers are not as efficient as we can consider.

Offered photovoltaic solutions:

We are building complete Photovoltaic technology for Agriculture, Electricity production, lighting and Cooking. All solutions are based on photovoltaic energy. In the attached Gallery you shall discover these solar solutions solutions that we shall name Photovoltaic solutions for making difference with solar thermal solutions. Offered goods of photovoltaic technology, even raw materials used, are all from USA & Europe.

DesignLab for photovoltaic Technology:

On the sliders you can discover our design lab of Vinaros. We have all requested tools for designing printed circuits and developping software of photovoltaic solutions. We have tools for volume prudution and testing in volume. On this web site you shall have also full overview about our Technology. For more details, please follow the links which are under below on this page.

More about us:

You can also discover more about our brand on Google my business and on LinkedIn. You shall find several posts. On some posts we warned our readers about the solar projects which have failed. Photovoltaic technology is tough, please install good solar solutions for your projects. For reading more on Google, please follow the link under below of Google My Business.

Your comments on photovoltaic solutions:

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