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Photovoltaic solutions

general brochure


This general brochure shows only basic photovoltaic solutions that we produce. Solar farms or irrigation solutions in agricultural farms do not appear in this brochure. Therefore you shall find more details in the specific sections of this web site. For any question please let us know at: solar.rheconcept@gmail.com

RHE produces only photovoltaic solutions. This means we are using electricity generated from solar panels. Then with this energy we lift water from your wells. We produce light for your street. Also this energy shall kill your electricity bills.

Water pumping solutions:

For water pumping solutions we give gurantee for volume of water lifted per day. Power range means nothing. Because you can have two separate solar pumps with the same power range and with very different effiency. Therefore one of it shall lift more water than the other. For building your photovoltaic solutions we use only inverters designed for photovoltaic . Another important feature is the daily running time. Therefore the best photovoltaic solution is the one which has good efficiency and which runs longer.

Photovoltaic electricity Production:

RHE produces photovoltaic electricity generators. We build it in module of 100 kW each. It works in isolated sites or tied to grid. For building generators of bigger size, we use as much modules as needed until we cover the full power range.

Your benefit is big because we test all modules before shipment. By the way you shall reduce spare parts for the entire Generator to set up. ( modules used are the same)

Solar microwave ovens:

This products familly includes four types of cooking capacities. we produce the follwing capacities: 5 liters,7 liters, 17 liters and 22 liters. Chassis and electronic power supply are our brand. We are selling solar microwaves ovens only on demand

Litterature and Brochures:

We have full bank of brochures available. Please let us know about your projects.

Thank you very much for your visit and we hope to see you again soon!

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