Gen5 topologies

Gen5 topologies
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Gen5 topologies for reducing installation land:

Why Gen5 topologies? Today the yield of the photovoltaic panels is at most 150W/m2. Therefore, for several megawatts you shall request a huge of land surface for installation. While the land is requested for feeding the growing population. Why fleeing the real problem by going to make installations over the water or in the deserts. We all are knowing that these sites inflict very hard climatic conditions and ecologic desarters. Instead of using effective topologies why to copy the same and not effective topologie? For solving that problem, we worked for more than five years. Finally, gen5 topologies are offering several benefits. Let us discover it under below in the following post.

The benefits of gen5 topologies:

The advantages are numerous, when using gen5 topologies. You shall save huge of installation land. The yield is 45% higher. Offered tecnology is also qualified for hard sites consitions. We apologize for hiding pictures of gen5 topologies. As some do not respect patents, we prefer to work concretely on your projects. We are not afraid by the copy which is hard to achieve. But we scary about false marketing noises. By experience since year 2000, they have always advertized that they have at low cost even when they don’t. Fortunately for your projects, we can have live video conferences in direct. Please join us on Google meet. Therefore you shall discover more about innovative technology

Reduced costs by an effective technology:

At first , you save in the cost of installation lands. Therefore, your photovoltaic farms are easy to install. As the yield is 45% higher, then you shall get faster returns from investments. You are the winner beacuse you shall produce more energy in a small space. At last, imagine the sturdy gen5 tologies offered. Therefore, after sizing your photovoltaic farms, you shall make differences on real costs. Do not buy prices of poor photovoltaic technology while you can have profitable gen5 topologies. The best selling prices are in the best yield.

Give an effective and efficient topologies to your projects:

The factory of the world no longer exists. Because most of the foreigner suppliers have left with their know-how. Therefore you should improve your investments in profitable photovoltaic farms. Do not run after wrong and poor topologies. Save your returns and our blue planet with gen5 topologies. Your projects are important. Please let us know!