Photovoltaic panels misunderstandings:

Photovoltaic panels misunderstandings:
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photovoltaic panels
photovoltaic panels

False claimed features of photovoltaic panels:

The false photovoltaic panels features :We wonder why we are seeing very often false features over photovoltaic panels. We wonder why some are considering false technical features for justifying the best choice. Some seem to start from dumping prices, then they promote false technical features. Over all, solar solutions shall request serious considerations. Let us go through in the following.

Main features of photovoltaic panels:

For making explanations easy, we shall not enter in the electrical equivalent schematics. We shall only say that the photovoltaic panels are current generators while the electricity grids are voltage generators. The photovoltaic effect helps to generate atomic electricity from the exposure to the sun. The bigger is the sun irradiance. the higher is the energy produced. This energy is produced only by the light of the sun over photovoltaic panels. While the heating provided by the sun affects in contrary the efficiency of solar panels. Therefore, when you use solar panels, you should correct the efficiency given on bulletins to the right ambiant temperature of your installations.

Photovoltaic panels and photovoltaic effect:

In the other hand you should consider that the photovoltaiv effect has been discovered in 1947. Since that year there is no new revolutionary discovery. Therefore, you should consider that all photovoltaic cell are the same everywhere. Only the quality of production may change from one supplier to another one. Each solar panel die is producing a low voltage of 0,6V. Therefore, we should use several cell set in serial and parallele for building a photovoltaic solar panel. At the end there is anothor mechanical feature that you should not forget. It is the size of solar panels. When a solar panels have a surface over than of 2m2, then they can break at installation time. Today the maximum reasonable size is the one of 300W and 2 m2. The double faces solar panels are not worth at all. Because you pay twice for cell and a single face sun exposure.

Why current surge does not exist on photovoltaic panels:

Current surge on solar panels does not exist at all. Because when you have inrush current then the voltage accros solar panel shall break down. Even bulletins are giving an inrush current lower than 10% at 25ªC, please consider it does not exist. Therfore, you cannot use fuses on solar panels, it shall never blow up. No inrush current means no fuses. In the other hand the double faces solar panels are not 600W but only 300 W. Sorry for sales, they cannot justify higher selling prices. Because only one face works at the time. Also they cannot build it bigger than 2 m2. It shall break!

Solar panels are requested for every solar installation:

All solar installations request solar panels. However the master pieces of your installations are the photovoltaic inverters. We are wondering why some are fighting to reduce the prices of the same solar panels while, your bad inverters can kill your ground returns. The key in your success of solar installation is the effectiveness of the photovoltaic inverters. This is the reason why, we have built it effective and sensitive for managing on the fly the energy available in solar panels. We are offering full range of efficient photovoltaic inverters.

Yes you can buy effective and cheap solar solutions:

Do not listening to bully offers. Do not buy prices justified by the false features. Yes you can find cheap solar solutions. Always it is cheap when it is profitable and when you can use it for years after amortization. When buying you should select the lowest selling prices that you can have. But you should check if it is worth for you to buy that goods. Your projects are very important. Therefore you should make it profitable and durable like renewable energies. Please read more about our photovoltaic technology and let us know about your projects.