The free energy topologies:

The free energy topologies:
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Why the new topologies for photovoltaic systems?

The Free Energy Topologies that we have qualified during the last four years are offering several advantages. We have build that efficient technology, while the world was suffering from covid19 and unfair competition. The returns of ground topologies are showing the real problems of the poor ground topologies. Unfair competition wanted to expand his marketshare by theft of technology and lies over prices and returns. For the roof top installations to the grounded electricity generators we are experiencing the same problem. For agriculture, solar water pumps market is under bully of DC pumps and electricity motors drives. Fortunately, the factory of world has a lack of requested and deffective technology. The dumping is maybe fine for commodities. But the free energy topologies should be effective. Therefore for welthy projects and for saving our planet, you should think to the free energy topologies.

Confusions on the ground topologies:

The fact to use the same ground topologies does not means at all it shall work properly. Even when the selling prices of ground topologies is low, it shalll not means it is profitable for you. Therefore you should check the productivity of the ground topologies to the new energy topologies. Most of the time, the global efficiency is variable with the magnitude of photovoltaic irradiance. Unlikly to the grids goods for which the efficiency is qualified at 80% of the nominal power range. Therefore the calculations are false. As a ground returns most of the installed solar farms are running only 4-5 hours per day. Therefore, why to close eyes and to plunge on abnormal selling prices without any technology behind.

Why we are not showing up front the free energy topologies ?:

Your projects are very important and we are proud to demonstrate to you the performances of that free energy topologies. But unfortunately in some countries they do not respect the intellectual properties. They are thinkink just in the dumping and the steell of the technologies. Therefore, for protecting our work and welth, we should take action. Therefore, your projects are important, you should not copy the poor ground topologies. Because it shall kill your ground returns of energy.

Technical specifications for your free energy topologies:

Do not copy your technical specifications of photovoltaic topologies on internet. Most of the time it is not worthy. You can have a live video video conference on google meeet. Please your projects are very importants. Therefore you should think to your ground returns. Then you can find out how many years your free energy topologies shall run after total payment. Please enjoy the attached links under below.