Solar sources tied to grid

RHE 230V Solar sources tied to Grid

Solar sources for sites tied to grid.


R.H.E is supplying full range of Solar sources tied to grid for houses and for industry.

Power capacities of photo voltaic electricity are up to 20 kW.Solar sources for sites tied to grid are either in 230 V single phase or in three phase. depending on power and on local electricity grid possibilities. Solar sources are not built with solar battery chargers either of 12 v or 24 v or what ever DC rail voltage.

R.H.E inverters support solar strings of 1000 V. Solar sources are also with M.P.P.T technology because the amortization is directly depending on daily running time. Therefore it is important that the Sources start producing very early and stop as late as possible. It is “on the fly with Sun”. Le current injected grows with solar radiance. The more it is on the faster is the return from investment.


M.P.P.T inverters used for building sources are IP 66. They can be installed close to solar field associated to the source.

No dust or humidity problems because it is without blowers. For sources tied to electricity grid people cannot also use motor drives. Lucky we are because the electricity providers are taking care about what you connect to grid. R.H.E sources are at least with 35% higher efficiency.

For sizing your solar sources:

For offers we request your bill of electricity and with it then we are able to size the right solar source for you. We offer some guarantee options for 20 years for the whole Solar sources.

Our goal is to cancel your electricity bills and stay connected for free for several years. In association with some Banks we can provide projects funding. Average amortization time is 5 years and you use for free 5 other years with option 10 years guarantee. It is 5 years amortization time and then you use it for free during 15 years. Guarantee for us means that we supply spare parts for the guarantee period.

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