Solar MPPT inverters.

Solar MPPT inverters.

R.H.E is producing full range of Solar MPPT inverters since several years. We have four families:

  • The one for Solar water pumps solutions with wattage range up to 100 kW.
  • One for isolated sites solutions with wattage range up to 20 kW.
  • One for solutions tied to grid with wattage range up to 100 kW.
  • And one with low voltage input with wattage up to 3 kW

Solar MPPT inverters are with single or three phase depending on power range and application. Enclosures are with heat sink and are I.P 66. We do not use blowers at all because dust and humidity are enemy of inverters. Also it is not  inverters for motor drives. They are designed for solar use only. Efficiency is at least 35% higher than other. For big photo voltaic generators we recommend to use several three phase inverters of 10 kW or 20 kW. Because bigger size are hard to wire on site and in case of problems the generator shall continue to produce. Solar MPPT inverters are protected against short circuit, over voltage, under voltage. Over heating protection is also embedded. For having in idea about performances an inverter of 10 kW starts running at 90 W. This is very few and we did it. Most of inverters start to feed them and if some power is left then they give it. Most of Generic inverters of 10 kW shall not run while power on solar panels is lower than 1500 W or 2000 W. This means this solution with this inverter shall start very late and shall stop more early than with an R.H.E Solar inverter. Unfortunately we do not sale inverters in small quantities. For your projects you can find several full solar solutions sold by unit. Hopefully these solutions can meet your requested. For this range of products we are looking for Partners for producing under license in your areas.

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