MPPT Solar water pumps with high efficiency

 High efficiency MPPT Solar water pumping solutions.


RHE´s Solar water pumps solutions are designed for wells with depth up to 300 meters. Water flow lifted per day is up to several hundred of cubic meters. The solar water pumps start automatically at sunrise and stop at sunset. A powerful software installed in the inverter drives the hydraulic pumps for achieving optimal performances. Solar water pumping solutions do not stall even with clouds moving fast in the sky. RHE MPPT Technology embedded in the inverters makes RHE´s solar water pumping solutions very effective. Unlike to motor drives designed for electricity grid use, RHE´s MPPT solar water pumping solutions are designed only for Photovoltaic use.

Best Technology for Pumping water:

Motor drives and frequency inverters are designed for electricity grid use and constant power supply like on the grid. MPPT solar inverters are very different because it is powered by solar Panels array and the power available on it is variable along the days and seasons. For this reason, we designed MPPT solar water pumping solutions with MPPT solar inverters able to run from low level of Energy up to the maximum Energy level. Otherwise it shall run only when solar irradiation is very high. For us the best MPPT solar water pumping solutions are the one able to start early and stop very late. RHE has done it for you and along the day you are sure to fill your water tanks. Power range is up to 100 kW. We supply complete solutions. All solutions are with three phase hydraulic pumps of 230 V or 380 V. It is tested in production line before shipment.

Mechanical requirements:

RHE´s MPPT solar inverters are without blower. Each enclosure with its heatsink is watertight. Therefore RHE´s MPPT solar inverters can be installed close to the solar panels array.It is IP 66. In desert, tropical areas or in hot sites blowers are very bad issues. When we install inverters with blowers then specific housing is requested. Then distance from solar Panels array to inverters is bigger. For magniture of DC current in cables it is good practice to install solar inverters as close as possible from strings of solar panels

Solar water Pumps Range:

We are producing three types of solar water pumps which are listed under below:

  1. Smart pumps designed for wells with small depths up to 40 meters. The MPPT solar inverter is inside the hydraulic pump. It is always in three phase 230V AC.

Power range is up to 1.2 kW.

  1. Laura family MPPT solar water pumps. These solar water pumps are for isolated sites.

It is in three phase 230V or 380V. Power range is up to 100 kW. It can be powered by pack of batteries or by solar panels array.

  1. RHE-Tigger™ MPPT solar water pumps. These solar water pumps do the same work than Laura series and we can power it by electricity grid for night pumping.

We use three phases hydraulic pumps of 230V or 380V. Power range is up to 100 kW.

For sizing MPPT solar water pumping solutions we request:

  • Datas of site of installation.
  • The depth and diameter of drilling.
  • The water flow expected per day.

You can fill the specific form of solar water pumping solutions.

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