Isolated sites solar solutions

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Isolated sites solar solutions.

Autonomy range.


R.H.E  is offering M.P.P.T isolated sites solar solutions. Wattage range is up to 20 kW.  Isolated sites solar solutions are build with a high voltage converters and embedded battery charger. We do not use 24 V solar battery charger designed for lighting kits with wattage range less than 600 W. Very efficient protections are build inside isolated solar solutions solutions mainly against short circuit of batteries which can create damages. For sizing your solar solutions in isolated sites it is very important to evaluate your energy needs. Main characteristics of  isolated sites solar solutions are the autonomy and the recharge time. The bigger is the surface of solar field the faster is the recharge of batteries. The bigger is the size of batteries the bigger is the autonomy. For each user we have a trade off to achieve. For solar solutions in isolated sites we use automotive batteries tied as a high voltage pack. The M.P.P.T inverter can handle high DC voltage. This keeps the currents values lower than with other 12 V or 24 V solutions. These solar solutions for isolated sites are not protected by fuses but by a Smart short circuit system. For bigger autonomy range high performances are a must. For this reason we use M.P.P.T inverters. In option we offer batteries power management system which can affect energy to each consumer. Isolated sites solar solutions are build in conformity with international standards.

For sending offer for isolated site solar solutions we request:

  • Your Energy bill. Lastest invoices of electricity!
  • An RHEĀ“s Energy bill form filled.

Please we warn that selling prices are depending on site, autonomy range expected and in wattage needed. Nor only in Power range 

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