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Solar Photo voltaic solutions.

Welcome to R.H.E´s web site and thank you for your visit! In this page several links shall help you  finding the best photo voltaic solutions. In both of the following links you shall discover offered technology and quick description. 

For every photo voltaic solution family you shall discover how its sized. Brochures, details about technology and technical specifications are available on demand. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to let us know.

All links to every sections are listed above. Photo voltaic solutions are sold complete and tested. For building it we use our solar panels and our Solar MPPT inverters Technology.

Short introduction:

RHE-M.P.P.T Technology is inside of our our Solar inverters.

Both, heat sinks and enclosures of inverters are all IP 66.

Therefore solar inverters can be installed outside. Due to the dust and humidity we do not use blowers at all inside inverters.

    1.  Smart Sky Lights are used for daily lighting solutions.
    2. For solar water pumps all hydraulic pumps are in three phase either 230 V or 380 V.
    3. For solar sources in isolated sites we do not use neither 12 V nor 24V solar battery chargers. But 600V RHE´s battery chargers.

Solar RHE-M.P.P.T inverters are powered under high DC voltage up to 800 V. You can find thirty connectors for wiring your solar strings of 6 kW each.

We do not need any external box for wiring all your strings. If you see some suppliers offering external box for connecting your string then for sure it is a motor drive.

As universal selling prices do not exist in solar, we are sending quote case by case. For offers we request your inputs. We have several Forms for describing your projects. Please do not forget to request these forms. It is very helpful when sizing your Photo voltaic solutions.

If you have any question about our pricing methods and sales policy please read our document  RHE´s sales policy.  If you do not have it, please let us know .

For photo voltaic electricity generators, please revert to us.

Before building your Photo voltaic solutions, we provide return from investment simulations. Therefore customers are protected against any trouble.

RHE´s solar Technolgy achieves 45% higher efficiency than all existing.

For sites with dust, you can intall  RHE´s Modules of 100 kW. Technology type is either Standard or integration 5.

The integration 5 is for sites with small space for installation. 

It is NEW !  Please ask for more detail about this new Technology.

If you do not have Brochures please let us know

Customers support:

Several qualified Engineers can give to you the requested support.

Your photo voltaic solutions are very important.

Before buying please think to RHE´s Photo voltaic solutions

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