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Solar solutions.

Welcome to R.H.E´s web site and thank you for your visit !  We produces full Solar solutions for:

Short description is provided for each solar solutions family on this website. Brochures details and technical specifications are available on demand. All links to sections are listed above. Solar solutions are sold complete and tested. For building it we use our  solar panels and Solar MPPT inverters. Solar inverters are with RHE-M.P.P.T Technology. Smart sky lights are used for daily lighting solutions. For solar water pumps all hydraulic pumps are three phase 230 V / 380 V.  Heat sinks and enclosures of inverters are all IP 66. Therefore solar inverters can be installed outside. Due to the dust and humidity we should not use blowers inside inverters. For solar sources in isolated sites we do not use 12 V solar battery chargers at all. Solar M.P.P.T inverters are powered under high voltage up to 800 V. High voltage battery charger is embedded inside solar inverters. We use automotive batteries because you can buy it on site.  As universal selling prices do not exist we are sending quote case by case. For offers we request your inputs. We have several Forms for describing your projects.

Please do not forget to request these forms. It is very helpfull when sizing your Photovoltaic solutions.

For photovoltaic electricity generators, please revert to us.

For RHE it is a must to have amortization simulations before building your Projects. The key of return from investment is the solar inverter. MPPT technology is the only one which offers high efficiency. Today we are offering 45% higher efficiency than all existing. For sites with dust RHE has developped and tested specific solutions .

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