Solar Microwaves Ovens

Battery Microwaves ovens High Performances RHE´s Battery Microwaves Ovens for trucks, mobile homes and for isolate sites.

Brand Description:

RHE manufactures full range of cooking cavities. We supply Cooking capacities of 7 liters up to 22 liters. The Battery Microwaves Ovens have  power range of 350 W up to 1200 W.

We power the Magnetron with specific RHE´s power supply. It is not DC/AC converter.

As we are manufacturing battery microwaves ovens with our own chassis and power supply. Therefore it is  true and complete RHE´s  brand. 


Good Microwaves Ovens should achieve high performances. Experimentations build with market places microwave ovens powered by a converter are not an issue. This experimentation achieve very poor yield and cooking autonomy.

On vehicles, for safety reasons, we do not have earth plug. But chassis connected to the ground main battery.  Therefore man should not board market places microwaves ovens on vehicles.

For this reason we have designed custom power supply. Also when we power market places microwaves ovens with battery then the autonomy range is shorted. Most of time it is divided by two.


For the respect of automotive standards, the power supply should achieve the lowest consumption. Then we can get longer cooking time.

Market places microwave ovens powered by market places converters are not true brand. When doing so man shall kill efficiency and cooking autonomy. Therefore it is not a brand like the one offered by RHE

Chassis of ovens:

Above some pictures show the three standard chassis.


We install  Battery Microwaves Ovens in either your mobile or homes, or trucks, or ship, or private jets and or as cooker in isolated sites. 

In vehicle installation we charge battery when driving. in isolated sites we supply M.P.P.T solar battery chargers. Above you can see some pictures of Generic cooking cavities . If requested we shall design custom chassis on demand.


We use small size transformer inside RHE´s power supplies of Battery Microwaves Ovens. While market places microwave ovens use very heavy transformer.

High frequency power supply reduces noise and size of the transformer. 

User interface:

Inside all ovens we have a convivial interface . A standby mode ovoids to discharge battery when the ovens are not used. Another nice feature is the battery back up energy management and the display of  remaining cooking time before you start cooking.

For maintenance embedded self test troubles shoot the power supply.

Qualifications & certifications:

RHE produces Battery Microwaves Ovens in conformity with UL and CE standards. We supply Battery Microwaves Ovens with marine qualification. We sell battery-microwaves-ovens only in volume.

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