Smart Solar lighting kits.



 Smart solar lighting kits for cold lamps.

High efficiency and cool light!

Low costs and lfluorenscent lamps are available everywhere!

R.H.E is supplying  Smart solar lighting kits. All smart solar lighting kits use market place tubes or lamps of 230 V. Because it is cheaper than the one of 12 V. Small Dc/Ac converter is housed inside the solar chargers powered by battery of 12 v or 24 v. The maximum power range is 300 W. Smart Solar lighting kits are built around a high efficiency converter which converters the battery voltage to 230 V. This performance is very important because when you use poor performances converter you paid it by an over size of  solar panels. Most important characteristics are the battery recharge time and the autonomy. The shorter is the battery recharge time the bigger is the solar field size. Also the autonomy is depending on size of battery backup capacities. Smart solar lighting kits offered by RHE have a recharge time of 6 hours and an autonomy minimal of 10 hours per day. We must take in account that fluorescent tubes have lower consumption than led´s and the light spectrum is the one closer to the sun spectrum. Sun is health and life for human while led´s are having only one single frequency. Fluorescent tubes and lamps do not heat while led´s are heating. Also life time killing is higher when lamps do not heat because power cycling determine the endurance of lamp. For expending the file of tubes or lamps R.H.E smart solar lighting kits are built with high frequency ballast for striking these fluorescent lamps. When installing R.H.E´s  Smart Solar lighting kits you can place lamps far from the electronics because it is not 12 V or 24 V kits.  You can easily find replacement for tubes or lamps everywhere and at low cost. For this family of Smart Solar lighting kits we are seeking for Partners whom want to produce it under license on site.

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