Smart skylight sun trackers-gallery


Smart sky light sun trackers make light ten hours a day in your edifices. In the following you can discover some pictures of installations and learn how it works.  One set of mirors turns around an vertical axis. Smart skylight sun trackers tracks sun under control of GPS. Light of Sun shall enter in your home. This lithting is watery and good for health.

We do not request any power supply or wiring to the main when installed. Smart sky light Sun tracker works in full autonomy.

Analyzing your Projects:

We request your electricity bills and site of installation description. We make simulations of cost and return from investment. Most of time the return is achieved under 4 years. We recommend  Smart Skylight Sun trackers for industry and for  buiding and for edifices.

Customers´s support:

Sales People and Field applications Engineers are there for giving efficient support.  We use AutoCad for building your projects. Then Smart skylight sun trackers are fitted in sites by official Partners installators. Under below you can see some installed daily lighting solutions.

Welcome and, please let us know about your projects.