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Smart Sky Light is a dynamic tracker of Sun light.

How it works?

Smart Sky Light is dynamic tracker of Sun light. We install it on your roofs or on your terraces. From Sunrise until Sunset the Sun light shall enter in your homes and edifices.

Above you can see some pictures showing Smart Sky Light dome and some roof installations.

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R.H.E is providing daily sun lighting solutions with Smart Sky Light.

Offered lighting solutions shall cancel your expenses of lighting 10 hours a day.  For doing so Smart Sky Light tracks Sun during the whole day.

As result the Sun light is continiously introduced in you homes or buildings.

Even when the sun is low in the sky, the light  is captured by  Smart Sky Light and introduced in your edifices. Every half of hour a position of sun is estimated.

Your Daily Lighting solutions:

We design lighting solutions from your building drawings. After receiving your Auto-cad files and electricity bills then we make all studies and provide a proposal for free. Smart Sky Light is not tied  to electricity main. It is stand alone dome. Guarantee is 20 years. It is designed for hard weather conditions. Installations are done by qualified Partners and under Architect control. As this lighting solutions run only the day we are offering hybrid lighting solutions with our Solar sources. With hybrid lighting solutions you can cancel your electricity expenses day and night.


With Smart Sky light you shall get light from Sun 10 hours a day. It is natural light for free. It is very good for human health. Survey done has demonstrated that children are learning faster with natural light. Benfite is huge in quality of light and in lenght of sunny day. When Smart Sky light are installed then there is no need of intervention for maintenance. It is very efficient solutions,

Return from investment:

Smart Sky Light works very fine and efficiency is very high. Therefore return from investment is very fast. In worst cases it is 5 years.

When analyzing your solution we confirm the exact return period. It is with Guarantee.


In case of interrest we can provide presentations, brochures and more literature. We are also offering for these Smart Sky Light projects funding .

Please leave message on mail box, Engineers can also revert to you

Please Enjoy and let us know about your lighting projects.

For more details please revert to us. Thank you very much and we hope to see you again.


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