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solar water pumping solutions


RHE´s Solar water pumping solutions are designed for wells with depth up to 300 meters ahead. Water flow lifted per day is up to several thousands of cubic meters per day. Power range is up to 100 kW. We supply complete solutions which are with real guarantee. All Solar water pumping solutions are shipment with professional three phase hydraulic pumps of 230 V or 380V.
For quotations we request the following data:

  • Global position of site of installation
  • Climate data of site of installation.
  • The depth of drilling.
  • The water flow expected per day.

Wattage means nothing, we give guarantee for water lifted per  day.

Solar water pumping solutions offered:

We producing three families of solar water pumping solutions  which are:

  • Smart pumps with power Range up to 1 kW.

These solar water pumps are for drillings depth up to 50 metres. Daily water flow is up 50 cubic meters.

  • Laura familly with range up to 100 kW.

Laura solar water pumping solutions are for deep drillings. It run with field of Solar Panels  with  pack of batteries.

Water flow is up to several thousounds of cubic meters a day.

  • Tigger RHE´s familly with power range up to 100 kW.

This familly has the same performances than the Laura familly. We added new feature for running by night from electricity grid Tigger word is written with two g.  It is RHE´s

      reserved word.

Showroom in Malgrat de Mar:

After ordering customers are kindly invited to come and see all tests done in production line . When it is tested before shipment then no surprise on site of installation.

Litterature :

Video presentations, detailled specifications and Power point presentations are available for you.

Customers´s support: 

Sales team, Partner Agents, Distributors and Field application Engineers are there for offering best support.

Please let us know about your projects in Water pumping solutions and in irrigation.

With our best Regards 

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