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RHE is a Joint Venture of three companies based in Algeria,Tunes and Spain. These companies are named respectively RHE concept Suc, Tunisian Solar Solutions  and Concept RHE Spain . All these companies are promoting the same MPPT Photovoltaic solutions designed and build in Spain.

Production and Design center:

Photovoltaic solutions are designed in our Design Center of Canet de Mar and produced in our site of Malgrat de Mar in Spain. Recently we openned new Design Center in Vinròs in Castellón. Spain.

Why we design MPPT solar inverters Technology ?

Most of Photovoltaic panels are rated with efficiency lower or equal 15%. Therefore the efficiency of solar inverters used must be as high as possible. Otherwice the return from investment of Photovoltaic solutions becomes impossible.  The irradiance of sun is continiously changing along the days and seasons. Then we should design solar inverters with adaptative efficiency. Inverters designed for running on the main have efficiency rated at 80% of nominal power range. On solar panels the available Energy  is changing continiously. Therefore we can understand that it is must to design specific Inverter Technology for Photovoltaic solutions. Since 2003 RHE has designed and tested specific technology with high efficiency.

We are offering  MPPT Solar inverters and MPPT solar solutions with very high efficiency. It is 45% over than traditional technology.

MPPT solar solutions offered:

We are supplying the following solar solutions:

  • MPPT solar solutions.
  • Drip to drip irrigation solutions in Agriculture.
  • Agricultural farms powering by energy from sun.
  • Photovoltaïc electricity production farms in isolated sites.
  • Photovoltaïc electricity production farms in sites tied to grid.
  • Lighting kits.
  • Photovoltaic cooking solutions.

 It is professional and high efficiency solar solutions designed and tested for running with Photovoltaic solar panels.


Solar panels and MPPT solar inverters are our Brand. It is designed exclusively for running under solar panels. It is not UPS or Motor drives designed for grid use. Recentely we designed new generation of solar inverters nammed Hybrid MPPT solar inverters with power range up to 100 kW. RHEs Laura and RHEs Tigger MPPT solar inverters families are there for meeting most of your requests in Photovoltaic solutions. Solar solutions are tested in our site of Malgrat de Mar before shipment to sites of installation.

Sales network and customers´s support:

We have Agents, Distributors and Partners in most of countries of the world.  Sales People and field applications Engineers are also at your disposal for helping in your Photovoltaic solutions projects. On several pages of this web site you can read more about our Technology.   For more details, Please follow the links under below.

With us you can chose the right solar solution in full confidence with true guarantee !

Thank you very much for your visit!  We hope to see you again!

Dr. Engineer
Rachid Haddad

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