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RHE is offering several families of Photo voltaic solutions. We do not produce solar thermal solutions. All are tested before shipment. We give also serious guarantee. Our distributors and Partners, over the world, shall help for installation of  solutions you order. We supply high efficiency inverters with all our photo voltaic solutions. We sell only complete solutions in small quantities. It is either Hybrid or standard. Depending on your projects and expectations. For solutions which should run by night, please hybrid technology will be the best choice. For only daily works better to use Laura families. RHE is producing also big photo voltaic electricity generators with power range up to 100 kW. You can use it either in isolated sites or in sites tied to grid. We have two types of Modules which are:

  • Standard requesting 800 m2 as space of land for 100 kW.
  • RHE´s Integration 5  which requests only 160 m2 for 100 kW

We are selling Solar microwaves ovens in minimum pack quantity of 50 units per item.We are seeking for professional distributors and Partners for production under license. After reading all comments in this page you are well informed. Therefore you can let us know about your expectations. Please fill the form under below and hope to see soon.

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RHE is manufacturing several types of Solar solutions

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