RHE´s MPPT Solar Inverters

MPPT solar Inverters

MPPT solar inverters:

RHE is producing full range of MPPT solar inverters since several years. We have four products families:

  • The one for Solar water pumps solutions with wattage range up to 100 kW.
  • The one for isolated sites solutions with wattage range up to 100 kW.
  • The one for solutions tied to grid with wattage range up to 100 kW.
  • The one with low voltage input with wattage up to 3 kW.

Solar inverters are with single or three phased . It is depending on power range and application. Low voltage inputs are 12 v, 24 v and 48 v. We are selling M.P.P.T Solar inverters only in volume and on demand for power range over than 20 kW.

For water pumping solutions we have two families of inverters which are: Laura and Tigger. You can read more about it in page of  water pumping solutions.


Literature is available for OEM customers because we are selling MPPT solar inverters only in quantity.


For us MPPT solar inverters are not UPS or Motor drives. In Sun Renew Energy True MPPT Solar inverter starts running very early when Sun rises and stops at Sunset. RHE´s MPPT Solar inverters start running as soon the Energy available on solar panels field achieves 90 W.

When you read bulletins Please take good care about the feature. Because most of inverters request voltage of 240 V before starting. Then in this case your Photovoltaic solution shall start maybe at noon! Then never you can get the return expected.

Customers´s support:

Sales Team, Partners Agents, Distributors and field application Engineers are there for giving best support.

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