Best Photovoltaic solutions-Solar water pumping solutions

Brochure of photovoltaic solutions- solar water pumping solutions
Photovoltaic solutions

Photovoltaic solutions offered by RHE  

RHE is producing complete photovoltaic solutions tested and ready for installation.

We are offering the following Photovoltaic solutions :

  • MPPT solar water pumping solutions with power range up to 100 kW.
  • Solar solutions for houses tied to grid with power range up 100 kW.
  • Solar solutions for houses isolated from grid with power range up to 100 kW.
  • Photovoltaic Electricity generators with power range up 50 MW.
  • Daily lighting solutions build with Smart Sky light.
  • Battery microwaves ovens.

Litterature and Brochures:

We have several types of brochures of solar solutions. They are listed under below:

  • Selection Brochure Guide which shows quick view of solar solutions .
  • General brochures which shows pictures of Photovoltaic solutions.
  • Detailled technical specifications for each family.
  • Technical specifications and catalogs available on demand.

Selection Brochure Guide attached above shows briefly Photovoltaic solutions offered.

We should have in mind that well sized Photovoltaic solution is the key of fast return from investment.


We produce only Photovoltaic solutions build with our photovoltaic solar panels and our MPPT solar inverters. Most of our Photovoltaic solutions are designed for running with photovoltaic solar panels. Performances are very high. Photovoltaic solutions are also designed for severe climate conditions sites. The enclosures of MPPT solar inverters  are waterproof. Therefore user can install it close to solar panels. All solar solutions are tested in production line before shipment to sites of installation. For us solar solutions request specific technology not the one offered for electricity grid.

This solar technology we have designed it and it is qualified since year 2003. 

Motor drives inverters:

RHE has the technology of Motor drives since year 2000. We know that it does not run properly when it is powered by solar panels. For this reason we designed specific solar tecnology.  Please you can have look to the following pictures.


Usual guarantee is 20 years for solar panels, 5 years for MPPT solar inverters and two years for hydraulic pumps and for lights. We are offering several options for  guarantee extensions. 

Extension guarantee are for 10,15 and 20 years. It is not virtual guarantee but concrete because we ship spare parts with solar solutions.

Forms for water pumping solutions and for Photovoltaic solutions:

For every type of Photovoltaic solution we have designed specific form to fill. These form help for sizing your solar solutions. Later on it is used for guarantee and for tests purpose.

The following forms are available for :

  • Solar water pumping solutions.
  • Drip to Drip Irrigation.
  • Photovoltaic Electricity Generators.
  • MPPT solar inverters.
  • Photovoltaic sources for isolated sites:
  • Battery microwaves ovens

Please don´t forget to request it. 

Customer´s support:

Sales Engineers and field application Engineers are available for helping you when selecting your photovoltaic solution or your battery microwaves ovens. 

You can send e-mail, leave messages on web sites or call us:  +34 93 795 41 33

Please enjoy your visit and let us know about your projects in Photovoltaic solutions.   

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