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Why MPPT Technology?

Technology orientation taken by RHE for Solar solutions is based in long experience in electronics designs. Solar panels field are very different from electricity main. The main difference is in Energy available sourced. On electricity grid it is available day and nignt. It is constant and only limited by your subcription. In solar fields the energy available is changing continiously along the day. En 2003, we designed the first solution in France and we had the following slogan ” Au fil du soleil” that we can translate by the follwing word “ On the fly with Sun“.

Solar solutions are very hard to design. A good solar solar solution is the one which never breaks down even when clouds shaddow solar field.  Also it should starts as early as possible and stops as late as possible. Running time is very important because it is the main key for return from investment. The more a solar solution runs, the faster is the return from investment.

Solar panel is current source. A bad inverter can easily short it without any damage. Then the energy produced is equal to zero.  For achieving high efficiency has developped  RHE-MPPT algorithm embedded inside the software. It is an autoadaptative algorithm which optmizes the magnitude of energy taken from solar panels.

M.P.P.T means Maximum Power Point Tracking. therefore RHE´s MPPT Solar inverters track continiously Energy available in solar panels. It is must because the Energy from Sun changes continously along the day and seasons. This technology is the onlyone which can secure the return of your investment. We achieved efficiency of 45% above all existing.

We do not have any curve or parameter to enter with keyboard. Because RHE´s solar inverters are not generic motor drives.

Difference between RHE-MPPT Technology and mechanical trackers:

When we compare RHE-MPPT technogy with mechanical trackers we can observe that in case RHE solutions the solar panel field is motionless. While with trackers it should from East to West every day. Then the following questions arise:

  • The first question is which Energy we shall use for returning the tracker to East after Sunset?
  • The second question is which solar panels surface we can move in case wind?
  • The last question what about Gain and losses of Energy.

RHE has made this analysis in year 2000. Conclusion was very easy to take. We did not took the option of trackers because we can image the losses with wind speed of 60km/h and with solar surface of 12 m2.  We prefer to let you make calculations for discovering the losses and to consider the mechanical costs.

After this study RHE opted for solar solutions with motionless solar panels field.  Today in 2018 we can see many trackers abondonned in several areas.

Motor drives Experiences:

RHE started to design motors drives in year 2000. Therefore we learned that for solar solutions specific technology is requested. The reasons are easy to understand because all equipments powered by electricity grid are running under constant available Energy. While equipments powered by solar Panels fields must face continious changes of energy available on solar fields.

Solar solutions should be adaptative systems running at variable nominal power.

It is fundamentaly two different applications. So we are considering since year 2003 that Photovoltaic is new field requesting its own Technology not the one for electricity grid. Then for making difference we RHE nammed it : Solar solutions.


Please read on news papers what is happening to customers with some experimentations. The picture attached above shows the number of experiemtations done on market Places for water pumping solutions. It is an evidence, without technology we cannot offer good Solar solutions.

Example of experimentations:  Motor drives are motor starters not  Solar Inverters. Because it is designed for another use. Motor Drives Technology Cannot be with MPPT technology. Because we do not have any Energy to track in the grid. The Energy  available on the grid is stable day or night. While on solar panels field we must always track  Energy available. Our systems track continiously the maximum of Energy available.

Even paper never refuses ink, please consider that RHE- MPPT is Technology not Magic word that we can include everywhere.

Litterature describing RHE´s Technology:

Various applications notes and brochures are available. Buying Solar solutions is an investment. Man should take care about effiiency of selected solution.

Many bad experimentations are visible in the market places and RHE has always warned customers about that.

Customers´s Support:

Sales team, Partner´s Distributors and Field applications Engineers are there for giving the best support for Solar solutions.

For any question, Please let us know about your Projects!

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